Tuesday, June 7, 2011

lol i was stupid

i am hunger with love..but love can't feed me in the moment..i wan to run and hide..when come to love i suck....

Monday, June 6, 2011

to qaseh

if u read this post may u think im faggot..i been thinking a lot about u last 2-3 day.. thinking a way to help u but i can't help u..u to radical for me..ur soul is mess..u need bright light to colur ur life..i can provide that but not time yet..if i approach u right now u will hate me forever of rest ur life..

im kind of person believe on god..even do i living in darkness but im slowing down n looking for god in my heart..to attach person like u will make me floating..coz u strong n fix with ur ideology..too twist back on what u believe took time..im kinda rush and inpatient..im looking for love and feed me with that love become stronger..i need a women with strong heart like u..but there were several things i cannot accept about u..

its not ur ideology u about god..but certain things i cannot write because i cannot simply judge u like that..but i only can write is u too serious and hardly to find smile on ur face..women with no smile for me is no good..smile reflect to happiness...

like i said before happiness is everything for me...i dont care who u a what ur past either ur curve and sexy body i dont care about it..i only care is happiness btw us and if u really like me show me u wan to change..genuine smile and accept god because he will calm us in no matter what situation..

if u read this..thx..but i bet u will never find my blog but no matter of what this is things which play inside my mind recently...ur name kaseh affiqah is really beautiful name and i like so much..hope kaseh affiqah find his soul n concentrate to build life in world and also afterlife too..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

decide to write today

being so lazy at home...so in my head i just planning what i going to do after i quit danna..the danna is great place for ppl who just finish their study in hotel line because there a lots of training given.. danna is five star deluxe hotel..we sell both service and also product..

but my heart was not here..because there were many reason..one of the reason is i wan to experience the busyness while danna cannot provide yet...i learn many thing in danna...i got no problem with people in work place..beside ppl know me coz i always taking their photo..that is my part of contribution to danna for making people smile..

and for chikot..thanks for being honest..yeap when first i saw u, i already put interest on u but there a certain things in my mind bothering me a lot...u a super hot, know to socialize, got lots of friend, happening and u a u...i can read u based on ur photo..seriously i like the way u a...but reflect to me..i am opposite u..i.but i am happy being Halim Jeinie

yeap before i gamble my life looking for new job..i will try to get place in UiTM for continue my studies in Master..yes i will take only master of gastronomy other then that i rather to stay in hotel industry as a cook..


Friday, March 25, 2011


I cannot sleep.. I dunno why..too much thingking lately.. About my job, money, friend and my feeling... Ppl know i m a good men.. But yet i still not deserve to anyone yet.. Owh ya life now is sux.. I hate my rate right now

Friday, December 31, 2010

see u next year aite

well firstly i juz bought iphone4 2 day ago. i was surprise because its was too awesome and i own that...amazed with it feature and ton of application waiting for to try..the excited was still until now..

anyway tomorrow is a new year..so time to me not waste my money and start to saving some for my future use..and alhamdulillah what i promise during my birthday a still on and i proud of that..i slowly to change for my own good..

oh dear i love my i phone so much...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

kegilaan gua terhadap nokia n8

entahlah apa dalam pemikiran gua..xleh tido sebab menantang ni...8 hari gaji gua mmg sambar trus...harap2 la...gua cadang nk angkat kat maxis ja dpt la 8rat pastu amek package plg bawah value 50 ngan internet yg 18 hingit tu...kira bebaloi la...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

another day in langkawi

such a lovely place...the beach, mountain, waterfall, and people...but it still not enough to help me to get lose some matters...i am a bit depress, depress with social needs..right now i had low life activity...my best friend is my lappy, bed and junk food...i getting weight because to much this leisure activity..ITS NOT HEALTHY....

Monday, December 13, 2010

its okey

when u with him i can see both of face showing something strange..i can feel the love very strong btw u and him ..so i decided to back off..i just wan both of u a happy.. no need me to inter frame, to me both of u a good couple..may god bless u two...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

happy birthday halim

thanks for all the wishes...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

officially our hotel officially open

after 6 month on joy and pain..we're a officially open..what ever is past consider history and the new day we take as a opportunity to growth and learn something new..yeah we know all off the staff a so fucking exhausted because everyone work very hard for the grand opening to become the best ever event for the hotel...even me also...working day and night to support all the staff and guest..small scarify i made is to make us happy..

now back on me...
life is complicated..
that all...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

to u!

sememangnya aku segan dgn dirimu..
biar aku pendam sahaja perasaan ini sebab kalau aku bersuara ia akan mengeruhkan lagi keadaan..
naluri hati aku menyatakan diri mu sangat unik dan cukup sempurna sifatnya untuk wanita idamanku..
bagi diri aku peribadi yang kau miliki cukup untuk melengkap diri aku dan seperti mana kehadiran aku di sisi mu mewarnai kehidupan mu..
aku tahu kau gadis tabah, mengambil berat, bersifat kekeluargaann dan sangat penyayang..
dari pergerakan dan perbuatan mu mampu menbawa sifat diriku lebih lengkap..
aku sangat menyukai diri kamu...
sifat kamu dan caramu menbawa diri..
alangkah bahagianya jika jiwamu ku miliki...
cuma Allah s.w.t sahaja mampu mentafsir betapa kebahagian itu..
itulah aku tercari-cari dan mencari...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

red kebaya

still can't take make eye from lady with red kebaya..

Friday, December 3, 2010

been ignored

being ignored is so much pain..what to do i put my faith to hand of god..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

no idea

i am been depressed lately i dunno what wrong in my mind...obviously maybe i think to much about love..perhaps..arhhh i stress....i wish someone can cheers me and make me smile again...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

promise of me

i will prepared gift for my self during up coming sweet 24 years birthday..yeah during birthday ppl expect someone to give something for their birthday...then I'll break the ice by giving a gift to my self..sound awesome right...i decide to give my self a promise..promise to become better person...that its...to be better i need to quit several things..hopefully i manage to do that and i asking any kind of support to my dearest friend for me to change..aite...i hungry and today only eat fruit.......yummy

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

halim oh halim

hmmmm....fail again to win a heart...keep on searching.....

Thursday, November 25, 2010


weeee they are visiting me tomorrow

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dear diary

nothing much to say...

word is like virus and everyone will not escape become their victim...let took this situation as example..let say a group of people consist 3 to 4 person start talking about their bad day during working period and one of them decide to quit his job..worst situation their talking in large of crowd and luckily 2 or more people heard their conversation and start thinking the same way too...

this people start talking among their group..because of level satisfaction on working environment is in red level creating the situation become more worst may result of people tend not to working and feel not happy....its become stress and started to thinks quality of life become faded...its happen to me....

Monday, November 22, 2010

12.25 am issue

maybe this is the first bad comment for the hotel..and lucky it was me...sigh....35 minute become 45 minute when end to the story it become 1 hour...only one comment all unrelevent issue also pointing to me..unfair right..this is the reality..i don't have this kind of experience before now i do..i am a better men then yesterday..continue to growth and negative criticize won let me down...god bless me