Monday, June 29, 2009

good bye everything

finally my limit to studies already out of limit. i have no interested on study but i got 6 month left to complete my studies so i will finish it. study is fun because so many thing to do and we kept learning new things. unfortunately my case were different i kinda get bored to the political thing happen around me in uni. i will not blame anyone particular but the one the make thing worst its me my self.

i wanted study on new thing about culinary something new which i never explore. i wanted work with fun environmental with everyone were smiling. i wish i can study in harmonic, peace environmental wish no hatred among each other. i wan get rid bad feeling among each other. take it easy with everything happen because human usually make mistake and they got ego to cover the weakness on then self.

going back to kl mean back to the torture machine which can pull my spirit from my live body. but this is live which i must go threw..

Monday, June 1, 2009

sesudah hari menjadi jinga

kalam buta mandian di tepi telaga
riak kocak air gamit pelihatan

sunyi bagaikan burung tiung kehilangan suara
daun-daun kuning menari-nari apabila sang bayu berlalu

damai laut senja tiba
hatiku tak terkata

bila sunyi memecah suasana
ingin hati ini terkubur bersama