Thursday, June 10, 2010


the world so empty right now..i can feel it..after receiving degree i had nothing to do beside gather back my money..with empty world with less friend to depend on and i need someone to listen and voice up about my feeling and taking my moment as lonely man..this is me..i being like this because the hotel which i working right now still under construction and the empty time were filling with classes..i waiting for real action..i pray to be located in main kitchen..i really wan to cook proper fine dining food which to be serve to high-end holiday makers..i wan the credit, i wan to create my own guest or fan of my aim is high i wan to be executive chef in young age then i can continue with my dream to open up my own project..i need to gather knowledge and everything related on the food industry..

but now i was to lonely this kind of feeling can make me not concentrate on my vision.. i need some whom can i speak up to heard my problem to ensure i following my track..i know they(someone in the industry) can see i had a great future..i am young, educated, high spirit, got my own strategy to growth and it's depend on me my self to make it happen..i am different from others who a same age with me..

i inspired by all the makcik2 willing to study even they told me it very hard to adapt process of learning during their age..i advice them there is nothing possible in this world and depend in the individual to say NO or YES on each decision their make..

about my workplace were awesome place..but i miss the action...