Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

langkawi of langkawi

i miss my camera...seriously...but first of all i wan to get any transport so i can explore more on langkawi..then if i got a time i will return to miri seeing my parent, wondering around at my rest house, chasing boat in the morning seeing if any luck getting a lobster nyumm nyummm...hermm damn i miss miri...

i dunno why i feel langkawi is a place for me...the food kinda cheap, cigar cheap...nusantara methol only rm 3.20, one ringgit of cucur pisang u can get ten of it..not so much entertainment..erk i mean i just don't want to explore on entertainment that live here go work back n sleep..not so much involved with social things..langkawi of langkawi...maybe i stay here at least 5 years if i got a car if no maybe target here first is pelangi for starter because i don't have my degree yet and i got a cable..then after a year will be going to westin then later andaman or 4 session then later will join back my friend on city hotel..

after jump 5-6 hotel i will take a rest go for restaurant then later continue to the hotel or apply for master n phd then be a lecturer...insya-allah..