Sunday, November 29, 2009

owh like this

so its end like this..okey...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

its been a while

i think that its...enough already to kept going telling lie to my heart..i do jelous to imran, i wan u to be my wife, i wan u be beter person, i will do encourage u to pursuite with ur dream..but until when i be like this..6 months of knowing u make my life colourful but until now i notice u a the innocent girl i ever meet..there a to many to of thing should be improve so u will be btr person..either so i..i keep telling u everything not with empty myself continue to remind me myself to improving become beter person...

basicly we a same..malas, comfort staying at home without doing nothing, having fun, crying baby and so on...but i wan to improve i drag u along with me so we both can be be beter person and hopefully i can win ur heart with my own way...6 month already past by..

i told u human being got self limit..until when they can not a person who love waiting for result..i only do this to u because i love u...six month is enough for me to know u beter.. i dunno..what action be taken...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

love jazz

jazz really make me fly..but i feel older when listening this genre..wat the hack i just listen to this crazy instrument make me feel great.. the harmonic voice direct flowing into the heart..juz make me feel damn relax n ppl ask me what u listen for i may say wih loud and proud saying LOVE JAZZ..haha listening to mocca right now and i keep listening..their lyric just super awesome..teasing ppl yup always been telling the truth what going around them..i can feel cause it similar things happen to also..

about me today i dunno laaa...right now i crazies with one beautiful girl like i fall in love again..but this feeling is different from i cant resist my feeling on her and always thinks like she always beside me doing the stuff together...crazies right i totally in angau state haha..

yalaa actually its hard to involved in love with someone attach with somebody for long me she already attach with that soldier bouy for almost 4 years and me 6 month i guest so..last time 4 month ago i just won 30% of her heart but now walaaaa i gain 19% more so totally 49% haha so cool hepy wat..pedulilaa what ever ppl think i crazy enough..just trust my self and let be me my self..

feeling ooo feeling...what a crazies thing happen to me..

glace of her ^_^

when we was young~