Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year coming today...

i don't have plan yet to go newhere but i wonder i can watch firework from my apartment..for new year azam i have been list down hehe..
1. be more super perverted when camera in hand :p
2. of course study study study
3. jogging insya-allah
4. get sb900 soon as posible
5. erm i gonna invest my money back because i have to pay back my money that i use before..
6. that its...

owh ya my head already stuck with song from farahdiya- rasa pa that drama..10 star for the story line...awesome...

klah i think that its..c ya next year :p

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Allah S.W.T banyak menyuji umat-umatnya...

sigh~ what a absolutely make me totally go insane..i can't wrote in detail what actually happen today because i can be kick out from the university..wahh...better i kept it silent..but neways please think carefully n gentle what ever word that will come out from mouth that giving people hope...

hancur hati ku parampammpammm~~

this is even worst then break up with someone you really deep in love..

Friday, December 26, 2008

i dunno what im thinking...

uh i ned someone too cool me off...seriously i don't feel wanna go back to my school...i amaze with i had to come class on this mood saying i don't have interest to facing book and not even touch it..i dunno.. this maybe sight effect from having worst ever result..i hate where i log in my student portal and clicking link on transcript to see what subject i gonna be facing for new sem...actually i don't have to do like that it just an habit cause every semester i will done same thing..i hate it because transcript showing the pointer that i got..

mood to study ah'ahh..not in mood cause as hard i study in the end the result will be not kind of very brainy person in my not good in book..i had my own not sure what im good with beside making people angry and english grammar communication skill dealing planning quite okey..and think i only good to read people mind and give them advice how to improve themself and me..... nothing cause im kinda very hard to tolerate with other ppl advice if i think their advise is ridicolous and against with my principle even im very flexible on it.

bla bla bla i don't have people to speak off..coz i think their also got their own problem and if i share what my problem with them their can't do anything unless just a talk talk talk with no resolution n maybe will calm me down for moment..i have to deal by all guts that i hav..i very sorrow facing this kind off mess...i can cure my feeling in one blink but to clear up my mind it took plenty of time...sigh~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

selection pic



caution alien invade earth so beware!!

can i ride tooo!!

jumping mumping

big bilut

click to enlarge to see the joke :p

local kampong boy having their moment

owh my anak buah..

sepakat menbawa berkat


Sunday, December 21, 2008

i worried my future...

i dunno la after the result come out i afraid to face my future. there were too much to think off such what job i gonna work, amount of salary i gain, where i gonna spend my live, ada ka ladies want to be my sole mate, a lot more laa..

i worried to much until give me headache..i don't have mood to do anything..playing game, watching movie, shooting random picture, cooking, name it. i don't have mood to done such a thing..i should planning my life starting now..

the worst come to worst if i don't have rezeki working related in my field.. i be working my self become petani..i know the job were not glamor among the chicks ahak..i found that all my taste will not able to handle with dirt and the hopefully god will show me gurl that will be able to handle dirt and sun..i don't care if she don't know how to cooks coz i will personally teach her how to cook good meal..hehehe

i gonna started to collect money..i will follow wani of my close friend..she done without her parent know about she started invest money..i mean not skim cepat kaya or something like that..what she do is she manage to open account and secretly invest money monthly..i envy with her..started today insya-allah i will invest some money into my asw..insya-allah

owh yaa i already stop buying things..i thinks im already complete right now..unless my mom bought huge plasma tv then i will buy wii :p...for the camera it enuff already..

finally i felt calm after writing what my brain worried off..fuhh..okey laa..done for now peace

jom heboh bukit jalil first day

dangdut goyang inul onstage

oh ya host for majalah tiga (she cute hehe)

amoi wih camera

bro wih camera


they done they job wih smile

wootz malaysian under water special force

Thursday, December 18, 2008

omg fucking retard

wootz i really piss off because i failed my third language paper the bloody shit french..i hate french language so much..i dunno y i hate this subject so much...damn i have to repeat this shit next sem again...damn..but actually i ready know that i gonna failed this paper..i cant do anything unless blame my self ..aiyaaa...rileks alemm

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

juz reach the house

tired..that all..

i didn't plan going back to kl this soon but there were to many reason i need be here ASAP..

later onward if i rajin enuff i will upload some of pic wen im off from kl..

i need rest n thx for the wish for my bday thx pepp..

Friday, December 5, 2008

los dan faun

hehe juz when back from watching this movie director by afdlin sauki..what a grade movie..seriously memang enjoying watching that movie very much hehehe..its cheers me a lot..

owh ya this will be my last post for this month coz i going back to kedah tomoro..wishing all the readers have a grade days n enjoying ur precious time with something fun hehe keh selamat hari raya, mery crissmass and hepy new year to all :P

Thursday, December 4, 2008

alem alem alem...

finally the time have change, i believe they were no hope on finding the true malay chick in lepeh that have pure heart..actually i already give up on hoping finding woman that so defensive like me..we only can believe to god too forgive sins for what ever their doing to people like us..she had open my eye which in lepeh their were still got chicks were so defensive..

i admired her a lot n i cannot assume that she will admired me back coz i juz notice that...alem becareful on what u talk about...yeah but i dont care..but she change my perpesctive on malays chicks in lepeh n i cannot rush to build up a relationship that kept for forever ever certain rate i hate very much living in this kind of comunity but i cannot do anything because was born n grew up in such of comunity n i have to accept very glad god show her to me..alhamdulillah

she and me still be friend..i not yet ready to be in love coz i wan enjoy my live as much i can but i still like her :p..advice me to her i dont mind if u find another guys n date with them..hello im not dayus or wuteva i just wanna make her hepy so she can enjoying ur precious life n make ur migrain cure..this is kinda of therapy n dont thinks so much on wuteva ppl done to u...

i can make problem become joke so i can be handle my problem without stress..i dowan torture my body and my soul thats it..okey laa i ni kuat merepek..hahaha..such a boring guys :p

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i been listening for estrella everyday since the holiday started..i juz fall in luv wih her jazz voice..wat wonderful voice she had..the song most favorite is ternyata n foolish senses others song was superb too...all the song also remind me of sumone but nvrmind laa not my rezeki n i know she think on me was not fat, ugly and hopeless in relationship...peace

rose online pawn me

lv 130 in 1 week wakaka...