Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

decide to write today

being so lazy at home...so in my head i just planning what i going to do after i quit danna..the danna is great place for ppl who just finish their study in hotel line because there a lots of training given.. danna is five star deluxe hotel..we sell both service and also product..

but my heart was not here..because there were many reason..one of the reason is i wan to experience the busyness while danna cannot provide yet...i learn many thing in danna...i got no problem with people in work place..beside ppl know me coz i always taking their photo..that is my part of contribution to danna for making people smile..

and for chikot..thanks for being honest..yeap when first i saw u, i already put interest on u but there a certain things in my mind bothering me a lot...u a super hot, know to socialize, got lots of friend, happening and u a u...i can read u based on ur photo..seriously i like the way u a...but reflect to me..i am opposite u..i.but i am happy being Halim Jeinie

yeap before i gamble my life looking for new job..i will try to get place in UiTM for continue my studies in Master..yes i will take only master of gastronomy other then that i rather to stay in hotel industry as a cook..