Tuesday, June 7, 2011

lol i was stupid

i am hunger with love..but love can't feed me in the moment..i wan to run and hide..when come to love i suck....

Monday, June 6, 2011

to qaseh

if u read this post may u think im faggot..i been thinking a lot about u last 2-3 day.. thinking a way to help u but i can't help u..u to radical for me..ur soul is mess..u need bright light to colur ur life..i can provide that but not time yet..if i approach u right now u will hate me forever of rest ur life..

im kind of person believe on god..even do i living in darkness but im slowing down n looking for god in my heart..to attach person like u will make me floating..coz u strong n fix with ur ideology..too twist back on what u believe took time..im kinda rush and inpatient..im looking for love and feed me with that love become stronger..i need a women with strong heart like u..but there were several things i cannot accept about u..

its not ur ideology u about god..but certain things i cannot write because i cannot simply judge u like that..but i only can write is u too serious and hardly to find smile on ur face..women with no smile for me is no good..smile reflect to happiness...

like i said before happiness is everything for me...i dont care who u a what ur past either ur curve and sexy body i dont care about it..i only care is happiness btw us and if u really like me show me u wan to change..genuine smile and accept god because he will calm us in no matter what situation..

if u read this..thx..but i bet u will never find my blog but no matter of what this is things which play inside my mind recently...ur name kaseh affiqah is really beautiful name and i like so much..hope kaseh affiqah find his soul n concentrate to build life in world and also afterlife too..