Saturday, January 31, 2009

few pic dulu la


credit to mr ev

credit to mr ev

few photo should be enuff..heh

Monday coming soon im too lazy back to school~

but wut to do..1 year to goo insya-allah on time :p

n i hate february..ntah laa for me is frebruary mean month for EMO...

i dunno y..mayb every year when sampai jak february my male hormone level automatically will explore..

i wish it won happen this year...amin~

Friday, January 30, 2009

yurayyy 101 post!!

first of all...welcome back to civilization alem :p

1 week i spend my holiday on north peninsular been visiting few place which syiokkk abiss...its kinda fun trip banyat..

later loo i upload few picture to share..not rite now im kinda tired..i need long rest right now...

owh ya to all my chinese friend hepy new year..sry for late wish :p

Friday, January 23, 2009

kusut berserabut i need vacation

pening this palak..i need travel alone to calm my self..i still dunno where to go..1 week of holiday mean torture for me...y? i only can watch star at night, dreaming the whole day and keep on dreaming...heh...

why i alway bloging?

need i answer the question ka?

hahaha...malas laa...but i believe u guys can teka what kind personality that i had..

and i believe the negative impression were not contra with positive its up to u..

i love writing...

im not fear someone read my blog because in school what is i fear of someone reading my english esei but not i wan get rid that thing..this is medium to express my feeling ang rich my word even my gramma, spelling were same level with sekolah menengah tingkatan 3..I DON'T CARE..heh

apa lagi :P

herm..i amazed she got good memory about promise..actually i made that promise a year ago which state i will be a single mungle tatittututititatattiii..thx for remind me on that thing..i will kept the promise..promise that i won touch women until i finish studies..sweet....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


the krew...

the juruphoto

the future chef in action


bow of fat...

got better view...

pandan chicken n chef knife

in action

the finishing dish

steam siakap nyum nyummm

owh ya camera man no. 2...

sub story...

haha mo juga sub story...yeah another crita sedey again.. warning don't read if u feel menyampah heh

lets begin..

that its i already get the real pic of such failure to built any relation...i don't wan be part in love seriously but what i really wan is sumbody that can be my best friend someone near me can cheer me up..i mean someone that can't share story about anything with mean outside the school such as interest, joke, life, comfort one each others and anything(no maksiat)...

guys u know what im so depress coz being lonely...i have many friend outside but only few that can share my problem but them were very far away from me n they were busy with something else which i dunno..i need some one that close with me so either one of us can find correct time to talk..

i cannot control my depression right now..its make me started to rethink on my hobby this rate i don't mind to spend at least 3 k on buying camera things..itu saja that can make me forget about the social thing..but until when..i got 29 k in hand- i already spend 20k for buying land in miri.. n i got 9k cash in hand..soon it will be finish..

my plan is to spend 3k for camera thing so left 6k...after i finish my studies i will lamsammm my ptptn with cos me 5k..then i hav left 1k..1k is not enuff to survive...

i had plan my self after i finish my study i will go work insya-allah be a commis as started in genting..if i work there i save lot of money...coz i didn't not have pay for anything..only food and dobi...

i don't think i will married early coz my target is being a executive chef before age of 35 that is my aim..being that title i found that it took lot of passion...

during this time i need very close friend which were different gender from is necessary...i choose her because she is the best that i can found right now right here...i wish u (azura) the first person i look in the morning and the last person that i will kiss for good night..this is for the future after we get married...but i sux...i failed my self...i know im not ur correct men but i kept pushing on hoping for something will happen..but im not penyabar kind of person..that is my mistake...i did mention on my last post

key i admit i lie to u...i did saw the pic and i did taken the folder..during at my room i wanted to enjoy what inside the folder.seriously in class i have no time to see in detail the picture that i will explain soon..mean while in the class i had open the folder but after third picture (sumpah) my brain blackout or stop function but my hand still clicking button next next next..during that time inner voice say something to me "hye, what a u doing"..lecturer where already in front of class..after finish sending movie to ur pdrive i shutdown my labtob in hurry before that sempat i copy that folder wish that i can see the pic in detail at my room...done that part...

before i wanted to open that folder in my room i send u msg tell that i already open the folder..then after bla bla bla and after magrib pray i try to open that folder and same thing in class happen to me twice..i have no choice to delete the folder coz god show me 2 sign so i don't open the folder..i did delete it..see god protect u from the evil pervert monster...i did saw the picture but in hurry like pretend no one see me..but i don't knoe the detail of that naked picture i prasan that...that i realized after i delete that folder and i don't know who is the girl in the bed coz i only see in flash..

i know u will not believe me..coz im pervert...but its up to u either to believe or not..

after that incident i talk with my close friend about that..they amazed what happen to me..i have still no idea about what happen to me that day..either im change or god protect innocent people..before that i m promise to my self that i gonna delete the picture soon after i see the detail but it ain't gonna happen..

con't some more

after the picture incident my brain can't stop thinking of u dear..i just realize something...wat bothering me some more is really you the one in my dream..and even worst im thinking the girl was not u because im afraid of something that i never face off... u know wat..i will reveal all what im tot about u tonight..i think u don't wan miss about this..

keh let begin, i fear of if u a the one im affraid my love will base on scare about that..because for me u a too hot, too sexy and tooooo agree with my eyes...that make me makin tak tentu hara..that y laa i kept sending u msg...i wan fight with my fear..i don't want my love will base on nasfsu coz it will not last longer...

i have banyak kelemahan with i have to realize my wan ever tegor me about what i done wrong..i have to find out by my self..ppl realize that but not one ever brani tegor me i dunno y..mau jaga hati..what the hell..i thanks to ppl that tegor me seriously even it make took time..that y laa when i realize but it already late..what i done i fell menyesal..but i don't blame anyone..suma kesalahan was from me..

i knoe this is the end of this..i already took some action to stop anoying u..don't worry hopefully it will work...

yeah its all about me me me me and meeeeeeee....thanx for spend time for reading this i fell more calm..that its...

Monday, January 19, 2009

the deleting post...

well that its..sigh~

i have no choice, leaving personal msg to u on my blog is last option but wut to do...


i think u were the greatest woman that i had found for many years..

i had dream of one girl before i entering the university for continue my degree..

i dream of girl who had long messy hair..

definitely the body was ur shape..

mayb im wrong at all..

the girls maybe not u..

because in my dream i only saw the girls figure from behind..

i still remember that dream until now because the dream come and come again..

but for me u got the all what i need..

i know u a type of caring, easy with negotiation, can talk to any topic that can be discuss..

to me u complete me..

i promise to my self..

if u the one i will bring u to the Austria visiting one of magnificent place call alps mountain..

i know that will be ur favorite place to visit..

i hoping that if u were there, ur migrain can be cure insya-allah..

but after so many stupid things i done to u..

definitely u will keep ignoring me..

i understand that..

im the one who a loser here..

i hope i can speak with u personally...

im not brave enuff..

im scare..

scare be ashamed and being rejected..


right now, after taking advice from few friend..

i realize something..

there were no point to involved in love right now..

here im in final year..

i need to focus on my study..

i need to improve my skill and my knowledge as much as i can..

i need better job, better salary in the future..

i wan to be near with god..

i have to focus rite now focus to achieve better live in the future..

by that..i hope what ever matter that i done to u will be history..

think that what i did its never happen..please...

can we be 0-0 back..




Saturday, January 17, 2009

list of movie i watch on cinema

spirit- sux (i tersleep)
outlander- okey not okey (one whole scene cut-what the heck)
bedtime story- fun and funny
Histeria (malay movie)- boring and not scary enuf
los dan faun- awesome movie n i like it very much
ada lagi but i forget heh...

huwahhh kenapa this week rajin betol update my bored lately and i got work to do n i need acces to tenet..biasa laa cari journal, material and what so ever...lepak cc no fun..but wut to do..

horrey my broadband coming soon...insya-allah..

hahaha i dunno what wrong with my much of reading novel and joining intelektual ppl during one month holiday..all of u mesti baca one book from indonesia.."ayat-ayat cinta" sangat...right now what i most afraid if god approve i fall in love to women that i really admired..i don't want it will be base on nafsu but from pure heart..cewahhh...but i will try bermati-matian if i fall in love with anyone it will be not base on nafsu semata-mata..heh

i very glad i had a tabligh on my kolej~ alhamdulillah..ada kesedaran laa to be near with god..n lucky i failed my french last sem because i got lecturer that can speak 7 language n i believe he know more than that..yeah peace

Friday, January 16, 2009

huwahhh wat a day

whole entire evening spending time with 2 beautiful ladies wondering at mid valley...tired, hungry and lots of fun..hehehe~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

another post for feel guilty...

yeap memang i tertengok gamba tu..curios because i only can see small picture of elmo n cakes so i thinking the content inside that folder just ordinary picture of cakes n during that moment my finger to itchy to click that particular folder...memang rasa besalah tersangat...tipu la i x tertengok gambar tu.. i did but not all only few second..i tak sanggup nk tengok because i respect woman n the lecturer already there..normal for boy baa..the pulse trigger so suddenly..the curiosity only god knoe..for the moment i knew n my brain cannot take it any more n i stop..

i admit im perverted..n for sure u will not believe me..n i don't know who is the other girl inside that folder until u tell not the one who taking stuff without people know..n for wut reason i tell u i open that folder..gila apa me..if u wont forgive me its fine for me..i not worry about that but what im afraid of ur friendship wih ur friend..if ur friendship goyang im the one who to blame for..stupid alem...don't worry about me im used to be hated...double stupid for me again...

doh..class cancel

all of my friend already left the hall and the one left in this hall is peace...i just using the internet here from my labtop..i got to find few journal for assignment..

bukan mo banga but i have ability to recover my mood very fast..but in 1 things i can get rid from eyes keep sending pulse whispering my heart saying that girl "god!! she beautiful"..

ah...damn...i hate being in this rate..i tot the drama already end but my iman memang senipis kulit bawang...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

owh too many thing happen few day..

yeah lets start mumbling..hehehe...i juz woke up from deep sleep so im kinda lose an idea a bit..herm..let begin with a good news!!!!!...i going to redang on this march one of the community in charge on logistic.. hopefully i can handle with less problem occur..harap-harap laa this trip success and all of we had great memory on that island :p

owh yaa today for the very first time im handling theme is from indonesia so im given a task to masak one special dish from bali..the dish was usually a roasted duck stuffing with lot of spices..the dish call Bebek Bertutu...kinda simple dish..kinda nice actually..but depend to ppl someone maybe angry and won forgive me hahaha.. sry laa my niat is to study so i got this opportunity i cannot resist heh

apa lagi ah..owh ya straight 2 day ago i kinda busy with my schedule but kinda fun day..zepah was here and kasman still not really that kind of busy..who ever know kasman will know what im saying...

i wish can add some picture but im at cc so malas to la mo upload picture and I DONT HAVE ANY ACCESS TO DAMN INTERNET ANY MORE(from my kolej laa)...owh ya..pls laa guys i need ur me because i wan lower my level of perverted a LOT..malas la be perverted..time to be mature adult :p..klah i got nothing to have fun and enjoy ur day..

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just went back to my bro mansion on purpose watching ku milikmu~ haha

Thursday, January 8, 2009

im not declare war to any1..i juz terover react...

yalah..i still thinking of Dr. Salehudinm n Dr. Artina lecture and they say 1 magic word..IQRA mean menbaca or reading..god give us a brain to thinks...menbaca tiada penhayatan meaning kosong..menbaca with understanding, while applying to every day life is the one part of meaning of IQRA..

back to the topic..come on not against with anyone..n my vote is either because for me money is not option..but for me the purpose of for this trip is for study..that is my priority..i wan to learn something beside having good time..i don't want if we arrive there our purpose lari...because yalah kayaking or researching which one will be the winner...think about that...

okeylah..memang my mulut jahat..but my jahat is high level because i do jahat i calculate and think what will possible happen after that..not simply serang like niat tadi is to make ppl calm..bukan apa..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

wahaha wat the fun evening

best laa this im meeting kasman, aaron, the rock, lalat, kim, wani and new friend much enjoying my day today..no1 bring functional less picture taken :p..macam everyone berharap got someone bring camera but no1 bring..yalaa im suppos to bring my camera but im not, aaron got his on slr but he malas to bring same reason as me, kim forget recharge her own camera n wani bring camera but nadai bateri..she left at home i mean miri she manage to buy new bateri but only can use 4% of the power..baru maa :p

kesian wani..i think today her unlucky day because macam2 laa beyond expectation happen to her..herm nvrmind laa she not reply my msg hopefully she will be fine by tomorow..amin

owh ya starting today i will stay at my kolej..hopefully ada la internet la malam2..i plan to get broadband but seen ada internet here wat for kan..hehehe..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

woahhh y me tetiba jealous

cilaka...tetiba i become jealous...ah maybe i still got feeling on her...susah juga too get rid this kind of feeling...betul tambah lagi for people like me yang memang very seldom laa to fall in love...ah if it become more worst i gonna delete my facebook and freindster..facebook and freindster were source of jealousy...itu wad im thinking...

serious i don't mind at all if she took pic with others dudes..but i dunno tetiba jadi jealous..aku ni juga manusia biasa baa..normal laa being jealous...