Sunday, January 4, 2009

wahaha wat the fun evening

best laa this im meeting kasman, aaron, the rock, lalat, kim, wani and new friend much enjoying my day today..no1 bring functional less picture taken :p..macam everyone berharap got someone bring camera but no1 bring..yalaa im suppos to bring my camera but im not, aaron got his on slr but he malas to bring same reason as me, kim forget recharge her own camera n wani bring camera but nadai bateri..she left at home i mean miri she manage to buy new bateri but only can use 4% of the power..baru maa :p

kesian wani..i think today her unlucky day because macam2 laa beyond expectation happen to her..herm nvrmind laa she not reply my msg hopefully she will be fine by tomorow..amin

owh ya starting today i will stay at my kolej..hopefully ada la internet la malam2..i plan to get broadband but seen ada internet here wat for kan..hehehe..


mInImOy said...

oi.mintak YM address kau.

leave ur address kat shout-box blog aku.


Anonymous said...

halim!!! found ur blog. huhu