Monday, January 19, 2009

the deleting post...

well that its..sigh~

i have no choice, leaving personal msg to u on my blog is last option but wut to do...


i think u were the greatest woman that i had found for many years..

i had dream of one girl before i entering the university for continue my degree..

i dream of girl who had long messy hair..

definitely the body was ur shape..

mayb im wrong at all..

the girls maybe not u..

because in my dream i only saw the girls figure from behind..

i still remember that dream until now because the dream come and come again..

but for me u got the all what i need..

i know u a type of caring, easy with negotiation, can talk to any topic that can be discuss..

to me u complete me..

i promise to my self..

if u the one i will bring u to the Austria visiting one of magnificent place call alps mountain..

i know that will be ur favorite place to visit..

i hoping that if u were there, ur migrain can be cure insya-allah..

but after so many stupid things i done to u..

definitely u will keep ignoring me..

i understand that..

im the one who a loser here..

i hope i can speak with u personally...

im not brave enuff..

im scare..

scare be ashamed and being rejected..


right now, after taking advice from few friend..

i realize something..

there were no point to involved in love right now..

here im in final year..

i need to focus on my study..

i need to improve my skill and my knowledge as much as i can..

i need better job, better salary in the future..

i wan to be near with god..

i have to focus rite now focus to achieve better live in the future..

by that..i hope what ever matter that i done to u will be history..

think that what i did its never happen..please...

can we be 0-0 back..




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