Sunday, November 29, 2009

owh like this

so its end like this..okey...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

its been a while

i think that its...enough already to kept going telling lie to my heart..i do jelous to imran, i wan u to be my wife, i wan u be beter person, i will do encourage u to pursuite with ur dream..but until when i be like this..6 months of knowing u make my life colourful but until now i notice u a the innocent girl i ever meet..there a to many to of thing should be improve so u will be btr person..either so i..i keep telling u everything not with empty myself continue to remind me myself to improving become beter person...

basicly we a same..malas, comfort staying at home without doing nothing, having fun, crying baby and so on...but i wan to improve i drag u along with me so we both can be be beter person and hopefully i can win ur heart with my own way...6 month already past by..

i told u human being got self limit..until when they can not a person who love waiting for result..i only do this to u because i love u...six month is enough for me to know u beter.. i dunno..what action be taken...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

love jazz

jazz really make me fly..but i feel older when listening this genre..wat the hack i just listen to this crazy instrument make me feel great.. the harmonic voice direct flowing into the heart..juz make me feel damn relax n ppl ask me what u listen for i may say wih loud and proud saying LOVE JAZZ..haha listening to mocca right now and i keep listening..their lyric just super awesome..teasing ppl yup always been telling the truth what going around them..i can feel cause it similar things happen to also..

about me today i dunno laaa...right now i crazies with one beautiful girl like i fall in love again..but this feeling is different from i cant resist my feeling on her and always thinks like she always beside me doing the stuff together...crazies right i totally in angau state haha..

yalaa actually its hard to involved in love with someone attach with somebody for long me she already attach with that soldier bouy for almost 4 years and me 6 month i guest so..last time 4 month ago i just won 30% of her heart but now walaaaa i gain 19% more so totally 49% haha so cool hepy wat..pedulilaa what ever ppl think i crazy enough..just trust my self and let be me my self..

feeling ooo feeling...what a crazies thing happen to me..

glace of her ^_^

when we was young~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i dunno what i thinking right now

sigh...this things tingling my brain..

today i am happy person..yalaaa i can meet her for such a long time and meet her mom ever more..yeah for sure her mom like me...that what i thinking... we share joke, we laugh, they talking family issue front of me treat me as one of

i realize few hint.her mom saying "nnt kena ada 5 drawer 1 for u n rest for ina" the she silent, me inner voice said omg..and during makan2 she said about his cousin got married with sarawakian ppl and she fine with it and few more la..i assume that was a green light for me..

now i just wait for ina..i know she got double feeling with me..its okey..i still waiting..dunno until when..yeah i done some mistake today..hopefully she forgive me...okeh let focus..i got exam tomorow so i need study like a smart person..i already know i will not perform this why i so worried that much..i just aiming for past. if i go an A it was bonus for me..neways i already cover 5 chapter got 7 more chapter to go..ganbate..i do my best..

n miri wait me i will coming soon..miriiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

reverse thinking...complexity to simplicity thats was me

rite i am sitting at MCD wondering things to write.i juz wan to clear up my mind for today so by any chance i read this treat again its remind of me for tonite..get ready to get brain damage if u think cannot accept the way of i thinking...and its ur rite to say im wrong and u can voice out anything u wan..but think wisely about the statement...

1)everyone thinks them self a totally rite
2)expression by face can conclude everything in any situation
3)the best option us trying to blame other ppl to cover up their mess
4)most of ppl will judge ppl from outside n not trying not to understand how the situation that contribute to stress..
5)not everyone can control them self in a rash condition
6)ppl a tend to talk bad rather than good
7)its hard to forgive ppl
8)brain is a give from Allah S.W.T to human

i love to thinks that create how is me rite hard to find ppl which really understand 23 years old..still young..i know that..the art of how i thinks a bit different from other ppl near my age..i don't care how ppl judge me? i believe they tot i hav problem in my brain..i love to look at things which a ppl ignore on it and people a not realize it at all..ppl will never understand me..i will not blame ppl when looking at me tot i am weak,fragile, easy to manipulate and if i end my life being single, i have no regret..m i crazy enuff..yeap..i wan c i change..let it be..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

sigh what a week day make me weak

yup too many assignment need to be done in this week when i count it must be 4 to 5 assignment on over stress rite now. seriously beg to all people around me don't trigger my emotion right now. don't let my satan out from my inner body. believe me so u won be regret.

owh ya i taking advise from my lecturer to create another blog related to food..yup my last project which does not longer. but i must create one as become my propfolio.. something i learn during i study..right now im deciding name for new blog.. to many project right now dunno which one to start and all important..sigh~

Monday, September 28, 2009


there were many things i learn during all the journey that i gone to. i had realize the idea of creation of different characteristic of human being base on 3 thing. which are yes, no and maybe.this things come by opportunity and choice that bring to decision of yes, no and maybe. for me yes and no is come from our choice but maybe something that unthinking able happen us. opportunity come by choice which we decide by yes and no. what ever decision on yes and no will created another link which come by another choice. base on decision we make it will be develop a characteristic which a different and uniq from other people. maybe is something that uncontrollable by all that mean what ever decision on yes and no will be carry us to the goal that we wanted so much turn to otherwise. simple situation, i studies in hotel line aim to be a great chef but come the time i end up with my life not become a chef but be a pilot. something out of bond on what we doing to achieve something which the payment on what we doing turn to otherwise.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

a song for black cat Kuroneko No Tango

salam to all great gemoks fan..ahaks i dunno if i got fans maybe few of my fren a following my blog..thx...

nothing really amusing happen during my raya. for me this year raya is fun but not really that fun fun i mean super duper fun funn..what else greater celebrating raya with mom and dad beside u..what else greater when first syawal seating with family members eating and fighting for best lemang, ketupat, klupis(similar like ketupat but it was wrap by daun palas)and our special sup- sup payau(kijang)...i miss that...

neway abaout keroneko no tango song..its was too cute and i decide to post on my blog..cute n funny coz the boy singing this song is trying for the best to sang on making a perfect song..u can feel it if u hear to song..its was a nice song and damn to Mas for giving me this great song..thx thx

Kimi wa kawaii, Boku no kuroneko
Akai ribonga, Yoku ni au yo
Dakedo tokidoki, tsume wo dashite
Boku no kokoro wo nayamaseru
Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Bokuno koibito wa kuroi neko
Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Neko no me no you ni, kimagureyo
Lalalalalala lala

Suteki na kimi ga, machi wo arukeba
Warui doraneko, koe wo kakeru
Oishii esa ni, ikaretchatte
Atode naitemo, shiranai yo
Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Bokuno koibito wa kuroi neko
Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Neko no me no you ni, kimagureyo
Lalalalalala lala

Yoru no akari ga, minna kietemo
Kimi no hitomi wa, gin no hoshi yo
Kirakira hikaru, kuroneko no me
Yoru wa itsumo, Kimi no mono sa
Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Bokuno koibito wa kuroi neko
Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Neko no me no you ni, kimagureyo
Lalalalalala lala

Kirakira hikaru, kuroneko no me
Yoru wa itsumo, Kimi no mono sa

Kuroneko no tango, tango, tango
Bokuno koibito wa kuroi neko
Dakedo anmari itazura suruto
Aji no himono wa (nyaao)
Oazukeda yo
Lalalalalala lala


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

picture of my niece

my tok jah...candit picture ghehe

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

aku menanti kehadiran dia saban hari

sunyi sunguh jiwa ini tanpa kehadiran aku harus menelani ia takala syawal tiba terubat hati ini apabila lensa camera ku berbunyi merakam segala aksi dan ragam orang di sekeliling aku..anak buah aku terutamanya begitu gamat beraksi di depan lensa kameraku..aku hanya insan yang duka dan sunyi terubat girang melihat telatah anak saudara aku yang kini genap 17 orang..tak sangka cucu tok khatijah begitu productive..itulah kiraan sepupuku..

terasa pegun melihat pengikutku sebanyak itu..bilakah aku pula yang menambah nombor yang semakin bertambah..melihat kegembiraan itu menbuat aku ketawa kecil dan tersenyum..anak-anak buah aku begitu menyayangi aku, berebut-rebut datang kepadaku setibanya aku tiba di sisi mereka..aku begitu manja terhadap mereka begitu juga mereka melayani aku..pakcik alem itulah gelaranku..

anak-anak kecil tidak takut terhadapku, mereka rela di dukung oleh ku berbanding orang lain takala pertama kali bertemu..lembut dan dan gebu kulit bayi berusia berapa bulan aku belai dan ku bawa kesana kemari bermanja-manja dengan mereka..terasa begitu selesa...tidak dapat aku gambarkan dengan tulisan semata-mata..apa yang aku ingin sampaikan apabila melihat mata anak-anak kecil ini begitu bersinar..itulah recruit penyikut baruku..

kembali ke raya pertama aku berada di perantauran..aku beraya dengan keluarga teman..detik pertama kali aku bersalaman dengan ahli keluarga itu perasaan kekok melandai kelibat hati kecilku..aku tabahkan diri supaya dapat menyuaikan keadaan sekeliling..mujurlah aku sudah biasa dengan keadaan seperti ini..ini bukan pertama kali aku menbuat lawatan seperti ini..

apa yang menbuatku tersenyum adalah sudah menjadi tradisi aku mengakhiri lawatan aku dengan menikmati juadah satey..seingatku saat perpisahan ketika lawatan aku ke kuantan diakhiri dengan juadah satey..aku tersenyum kecil..

adakah jalan hidup aku ini menceriakan diriku..jawapan iya mahupun seketika..aku adalah lelaki, lelaki secara lumrahnya inginkan pasangan yang berlainan jantina..aku mahukan kehadiran wanita yang menbawa seri kepada hidupku..aku mahukan seorang isteri yang membinbing aku ke jalan yang di rehdai Allah S.W.T. aku mahukan keberkatan dari sang pecipta yang maha esa..aku cumalah manusia biasa..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kembali menjadi rider pada jam 2pagi

recently i being me juz like last semester which mean becoming morning rider..juz feel love riding my moto during early morning with no jacket..i dunno to describe dat feeling but help me to think n think n do more doing that

Enuff about that..

Im inpatient to go travel right now..eager back to the long distant road which i enjoy to do...such a lovely place to visit..i juz cant wait..bless me during my journey

Friday, September 11, 2009

fix it fix it

recently i almost forget where i put my stuff even i also left my stuff in far away fromm me such my 18mm-55mm lens i think i left it in kelana jaya then my jacket i accidentally left it at my friend house somewhere in Klang. What else..owh yaa today i almost left my sweater in my i need to fix it...owh ya please fix this too emmm i losing with my roommate 6 time in row playing that bloody chess.. damn it

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

second post on 090909

To Nur Mazlina Ramli,

I try my best to gain my happiness back but its keeping me fails. When involving with feeling its seems very hard to be cure. You know how is my feeling between you and me. How can i just forget that easy and if i do that i will be a man with no feeling. Its may took time to be cure. Just give me few day to get calm, not me alone its include you too my dear. Don't blame your self, its not your fault but us. Us who a create this mess. Enough torture your body and soul. how can i get my smile back if you in that condition. Promise me to smile like we do before. promise that..

your ......,

adakah aku menjadi seperti dulu..ohh tidak

dulu sebelum blog ini bernafas aku juga menulis blog.tetapi blog tu aku sudah lupuskan dari kelibat kehidupan aku. mana tidak blog itu menulis cerita kesidahan aku. lebih banyak menceritakan keperitan hidup sebagai seorang manusia bernama Mohammad Halim Jeinie. aku tidak mahu lagi menceritakan kisah-kisah hidup aku yang perit itu. aku sendiri muak dengan penulisan seperti itu. bagi aku sampah takala ketika itu blog adalah tempat aku melepaskan duka lara yang aku hadapi. aku tak nak peristiwa itu berulang. sedangkan ketika ini aku melakukan perkara yang sama ketika aku sunyi seperti kehidupan aku sebelum ini. aku tidak mahu meraih simpati atau menarik perhatian orang lain. tetapi inilah medium aku meluahkan segala-galanya.

aku manusia yang tidak pandai bertutur. kata-katakan mampu menbunuh orang tetapi penulisan aku boleh menghiburkan orang. itulah aku...bagi aku menulis adalah dari isi hati sedang kan bila kita bertutur banyak aspek yang perlu di jaga. orang ramai menaggap aku kejam apabila aku bercakap. aku lebih banyak bercakap bedasarkan logik akal dan fakta. aku banyak kali bertengkar dengan sahabat-sahabat aku kerana sifat aku yang tak mudah di tundukan.aku tidak pandai meluahkan isi hati aku dengan bertutur. aku lebih suka menulis kerana menulis lebih banyak menberikan aku masa untuk berfikir. aku lebih tenang menulis.itulah kelemahan aku.

aku dah merepek dan aku tak tahu apa yang aku tulis di atas..aku penat...

Monday, September 7, 2009

waiting for another smile

actually i look normal outside but my heart really burning painful..i just make a decision which no one able to make..its very pain..damn pain..its burning..i am still waiting for another smile which can get rid the burning i assume i am free aka being single back..but my heart still not yet opening for another woman..shit what i blogging about

Sunday, September 6, 2009

its about bad dream

hopefully it was not a bad sign for afraid it will happen to me..any detail from the dream will not discuss..neways i like this song hehehe let sing together..

Ku Impikan Bintang - Sean Ghazi

Ku impikan bintang jatuh ke bumi
Menyinari awan yang berat hujan
Dalam kegelapan malam
Bintang membawa harapan
Sinaran cinta kita…

Belailah daku dalam dakapan mu
Semaikan ku dalam mimpi-mimpi mu
Bila berdua, indah segala
Se-akan kita di syurga
Ku berdoa agar cinta kita
Seperti bintang yang menyinar

Nyata bintang tak kan jatuh ke bumi
Namun kita ‘kan jatuh cinta


Bila berdua, indah segala
Se-akan kita di syurga
Ku berdoa agar cinta kita
Seperti bintang yang menyinar

Nyata bintang tak kan jatuh ke bumi
Namun kita ‘kan jatuh cinta…
Semestinya ‘kan jatuh cinta

what a uniq lirik~

i know the lyric n the topic on this treat was not relevant but don't care at all..sukati laa..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

i wan to write about malas

yeap i know everyone feel the same things. i bet my girlfriend feels the same way i woke up early 4 am then wait until the azan then continue sleeping until 9.30 am..then i realize its already almost 3 pm..i just baring in front my lappy watching a few movie, surfing, farming n mafia on facebook..being a lazy man..

bukan apa i don't want to go out the because yalla macam2 outside there, sexy ppl (can reduce my pahala posa), healthy reason, saving, bored, indeed its nothing to do outside there...seriously i rather go travel right old day but for the moment i just feel comfort doing nothing..ops i said it..nolaa i just brain storming my brain on my research..just to get few idea what to wrote..

oh back on malas things..i get a brilliant idea from my friend..its sound funny but its working to me aaah but not today..emm the idea is like this..instead using world malas why don't we use word as rajin to replace it..yup rajin is opposite meaning to malas.

aa still didn't get me kan..hehe try this..saya tersangat malas hari ni..change word malas to rajin..saya tersangat rajin hari ni..yup sound funny but it generate our brain to be rajin rather been malas..try on its working for me..its may be working to be rajin a bit..okey insya-allah it might help..farewell movie to watch.. peace

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

wake up at 11 am on first day of fasting

after i wake up,normal thing to do i will open my doom room window for the sunlight. amazingly i am not believe what just i saw. the were no such activity for normal day outside my window. usually i saw a bunch of people walking on the district but today where is the guys?? and the road a clear from mess creating by human being.activity by people a less down there. My expectation after 5pm will different from 11 am view because place where i get shelter from unbalanced whether. Down the block people a selling food for "berbuka puasa". so it will be a lot of activity can be seeing from my window.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Selamat berpuasa untuk saudara seagamaku

well happy celebrating fasting month to all my friend

target for this fasting month-
- puasa penuh
- reduce weight
- trying all pasar malam on every section Shah Alam area
- capturing lots of picture anythings related on puasa n raya
- trying to enjoy my self since i know i be celebrating raya in KL alone
- erm i think thats it..

penuhi iman anda dan selamat berjuang menjaga kesihatan kalian semua semasa wabak selsema babi mengila

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bang on my head

i always love u as long u a not legally attach to someone suite to u...

everyone a sick rite now..i talking any1 around me got syndrome of fever..its weird bila selsema babi become chaos it makes ppl get fever easily...before the news was not spread into malaysia citizen its few when listen to ppl got fever easily..haiyaaa macam2 laa

worried laa..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ramdom again

ermmmm ntah la when i shot this kind of photo

KOTA BHARU i been here already :p

helmet taken at teranganu during 5 day trip

staring the sky remind me the beauty of this universe

Sunday, July 26, 2009

jengka trip

macho kan ahaks :p so long i not been uploading my pic..this is my latest one :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

why whyy whyyyy

why wen i use to argue wih malay women kan after they give up argue wih they usually use tuhan say like dat, or ustaz or ustazah say like that..wen i ask for surah, firman or hadiz or name of the uztaz n ustzah they won giv me n den they say they won talk to me forever..hahaha funny..bukan apa if u wan argue me without actual fact juz wasting ur time n make u x puas ati..hahaha...

Thursday, July 23, 2009


ahaa dont worry i still alive

malas to get thru every day life in shah alam, since every day got classes and i been seen this faces for almost 2 years. i dunno lar what wrong with keep avoiding from days i enjoy doing my own stuff which were lepaking in my room without doin nothing and sometimes go out wih my borneo frens.

my borneo frends were all grats..salute with them..ahaks

im super bored rite now..dunno what rokok finish liao so i CAN'T SMOKE~

hopefully my lecturer allowed me to ponteng them class on 6,7 august so i can follow to sekayu forest as being photographer serve for my bro research member. i had been invited by them so seriously i wanted to go but c laa...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

menanti minit berdetik

tidak sabar menghabiskan pengajian aku ini,
aku juga takut untuk meninggalkan zaman pengajianku,
aku berasa cukup tahu dimana reality dan fantasi dalam bidangku,
bagiku kehidupan sebagai tukang masak adalah satu dunia yang berlainan dengan lain-lain profession,
dimana kami berkerja siang dan malam tanpa mengira masa,
dunia kami sebagai tukang masak hanyalah di dapur,
menakut kan.......
aku berasa gentar apabila memikirkan memiliki mahligai bahtera yang aku hajati,
aku tidak mahu rasa kurang yang kebahagian itu berpunca dari aku dan lubok rezeki aku,
aku juga sama seperti manusia lain yang inginkan kebahagian itu,
selain berdoa kepada Mu Ilahi aku juga berusaha mengerja sinar itu,
aku mahukan diri aku yang berada di situ dan bukan diriku yang palsu,
aku nyatakan begini kerana manusia ini pandai berpura-pura,
tidak perlu aku jelaskan lebih terperinci,
apa yang aku harus buat ketika ini bersussh dan bersenang, besusah di tengah dan besenang lenang kemudian.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lame thing happen to me

im sory coz i kept pushing her too much..i juz realize that..i must be chill but the reason is i just wan to address my feeling which i care about her so much that its..hopefully i done a correct move..hopefully

Monday, June 29, 2009

good bye everything

finally my limit to studies already out of limit. i have no interested on study but i got 6 month left to complete my studies so i will finish it. study is fun because so many thing to do and we kept learning new things. unfortunately my case were different i kinda get bored to the political thing happen around me in uni. i will not blame anyone particular but the one the make thing worst its me my self.

i wanted study on new thing about culinary something new which i never explore. i wanted work with fun environmental with everyone were smiling. i wish i can study in harmonic, peace environmental wish no hatred among each other. i wan get rid bad feeling among each other. take it easy with everything happen because human usually make mistake and they got ego to cover the weakness on then self.

going back to kl mean back to the torture machine which can pull my spirit from my live body. but this is live which i must go threw..

Monday, June 1, 2009

sesudah hari menjadi jinga

kalam buta mandian di tepi telaga
riak kocak air gamit pelihatan

sunyi bagaikan burung tiung kehilangan suara
daun-daun kuning menari-nari apabila sang bayu berlalu

damai laut senja tiba
hatiku tak terkata

bila sunyi memecah suasana
ingin hati ini terkubur bersama

Friday, May 29, 2009

yatta yatta

its so easy yoshhhh~

seeing a bunch of Japanese half naked bouys dancing with kewl n awesome dance in the morning..hahaha....

damn last evening dream was a nightmare...sigh~

Thursday, May 28, 2009

what on the earth!!

well i recently hearing someone screaming on my neighbor happening around this moment..i wonder what actually happen..i don't want to busy body with people problem..but the screaming annoy me so badly..the screaming that i heard is ladies voice and i not sure what actually happen..tonite i can see the source from my eye saw two person on that room..a guy is holding the scream girl..and the voice stop hearing so im back to my room..

so the point is im very respect with girl and i protecting them as i can..why must we do the violence, why we can live in peace and serounding with love..why must we do thinking in negative manner...why why why..

off story..its return to me...

wasai so bored... i inpatient wanna go trip with my i back on traveling again wuhoooo

Monday, May 25, 2009

leave the darkside behind..let the sun rise sun juz a gimick only..haha...hav anyone watch igor...should watch perfect..hehe

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

kiss me againnnnnn

hehe i been listening to ben brother rapidly...awesome song!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

time to be jiwang

its always been other person can i think off when the silences serounding me...even we never declare on anything, the word of showing the love were less day after day but deep inside me u already win my heart...the most important things is the understanding, honestly, and the pure love with come from the heart play biggest roles in the relationship....

Monday, May 18, 2009

the lobster hehehe

fresh from the mom kinda syiok hehe

hehe fresh lobster nyum nyummm

Saturday, May 16, 2009

miri versus loneliness

hehe my fren all one can entertain me whole time spending wih my lappy n kebon..yup...i hepy being back to miri..but i get bored wih nobody around me i mean to have supe bored..

at home i cook n cook n cook

i getting more fatter n fatter...

kebon fascinate me..the new house so damn it so the the the lovely

next month will be month of hard work..have to tanam sawit n menbaja sawit..covering few ekar..n berbukit with rain the anak sawit will be 3 time more heavy n the naik bukit fuyoo...hehe hopefully can lose some weight skit la hehe

klah later on i post the pic place that i work on...c laa if i rajin enuf to post it..klah hav fun guys

Saturday, May 2, 2009

cerita tentang si lapa dan si dahaga (cerita ini hanya nukilan yg tidak menbawa apa-apa makna tersirat)

al kisah si lapa berjalan2 di tepi pantai yang damai dan ketika itu si dahaga sedang bermain air serta rakan-rakannya.. gelak girang memecah suasa pantai..ketika itu si lapa menyisi kesunyian diri dengan merakam detik-detik yang kemuncak kegembiraan dengan lensa berteknologi rendah..senyuman terukir merakam sesuasa sedemikian..

agak lama memerhati keriuhan tiba-tiba suasana bertuka menjadi kesunyian yang melampau..entah menyapa si lapa berasa sepi..ketika itu si lapa meningalkan si dahaga yang asyik leka bermain air bersama rakan-rakannya...selepas sebatang balutan tembakau habis di lapa kembali ke pantai..sambil melihat sepasang burut pipit sedang merengek di bangku pantai..suasana diri kembali sepi sesepinyaa..

melihat sepasang pipit yang rancak berkicauan terdetik di jiwa betapa indahnya jikalau memiliki lapa datang ke pulau tanpa di rancang dan dengan jiwa yang lapa kembali ke gigi lautan nan luas..melihat suasana yang aman...sunguh damai pemandangan ketika itu...perasaan romantis terasa di hati..

melihat si dahaga bejalan besama rakan-rakannya menbuatkan pelbagai persoalan..tertanya adakah senyuman yang di berikan menpunyai makna kesedihan..itulah yang jelas kelihatan..alangkah senang sekali jika si lapa dapat menyelami maksud itu..

hari belalu pergi~

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

panas panas

it very hot here sigh

hermm trip to melaka n negeri sembilan was fun...still remember those day..hehe

panas panas i cannot tahan..

its really easy to me to decide either to live single or to have girlfriend :p

memang she already got boyfriend and i only a best friend of her or actually her scandal..that is what her mention to her mom..

we have so much fun lately..that weird feeling start flow over into my heart..

this is my first time since 23 years of existent being treat special by opposite gender..feel so special..u know that kind of feeling if u a into with it..

feel like a butterflies..that i always said..hehe

i love observing butterfly..the pattern of the wings, colur, the way its fly, so beautiful and more i like is the way butterfly dance overflow with the wind, clapping its wing, finding flower for fascinating..

i don't have power to decide..i left to her on deciding this matter..let give her a time even took several rush lets she decide what she choice a soldier who serve for the country or just a normal fat guys or somebody else hehehe

klah..too hot my brain already half cook n if i can perah this tilam i think memang banjir my room hehe..

Friday, April 24, 2009

its been 2 day

yeahhh being malas..fuhhhh actually still don't have mood to study for next paper..owh i still got three paper to do..wahaha...pengsan siot...

hermm...tomorow la going back to shah alam p library..n then take past year paper..hihi..malas nyaa..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yahooo my law sux

i can smell i only can can get B- for law n i smell B+ for the ctu...i cant focus doing my law thirsty make my mouth drain n i felt dehydrated..10 day of holiday so i can spend at least 4-5 day on playing game..hehe..1 whole that wih ehemm..n rest study lor..

thx to my dear coz help me out to be more focus alone at kolej make me feel sleepy.. the tabligh senyap already with me because he make my door nearly u know y my door broke hehe..this is funny..haha but biar laa we a human memang x tahan with setan around us..the door broke because he wanna check either im in my room coz i always lock my he push so damn kasar sampai the lock nearly i have to put notice at my room to get easy wih my door..

haha baru skarang he stop checking me.. n funny is y that day he so eager to check me...aha..kantoi wih me...he watching okey wih ppl watching porn ..yala to experience new things he kinda senyap wih me because shame on me kali kot..

he the one kejut kan me pagi2 until my door goona tercabut memang la i seda that day because i always wake up very early but sengaja wanna see how semangat he is 15 min ba he try every 2 min he ketok..but its okey la for suboh prayer i don't mind at all..that dude really kasa..i dunno why he wan to check me all the time..that make me sick..da la my room messy...klah enuff for now..don wan la crita pasal him..everyone got diffrend story..but this is very funny tabligh guna kain pelakat pakai kopiah watching that kind of muvie..wearing kopiah funny laa

Monday, April 20, 2009


dunno what title should be i think of kambeng then i put kambeng as title..doesn't have any implied meaning..

yeap u my dear memang u will read my blog..

hehe but better u don't read this post unless u very eager to read :p

ntg much to say..

i know how complicated ur problem is

success rate on ur side to accept me is only 20 further discussion about that..that is only my estimate..

i notice that risk when i first meet u my dear.

i only wanna make u feel hepy even i already know the risk..

if we suite each other we got long way to go..

tooo longggggggggggggg

tu ja laa...

off story jap...


final coming final coming takot takot takot

teketaq lutut nih cuak punya pasal...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

prepare for final wih joy

hehe..i seriously enjoy my life..but i worried on something that beyond what i thinking..but life must goes on..

i must prepare my self as much i can..equip mentally, psychical n emotion very well..ntah laa..this kind of weird feeling overwhelming on my self..sometime i cant control it n most of time i still can manage it..hehe

to enter this kind of new world is like the dream come true..but still on her to decide on..i dun wan to be batu api, i don't want her suffer because decision i her decide what her wan not me..because her knows her self better than other person..

okey laa..i got 2 chapter to hafal before the exam..klah hav fun n all the best for the final!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


so much fun yesterday..i totally enjoy my life..seriously im malu when singing a song..but yesterday like macam kluar berabis nih..hehehe...hermm i lost my word im kinda hepy right now..hepy of being halim..haha ada juga orang yg suka sama saya..hehe i must enjoy this moment before anything that unpredictable happen..

Monday, April 13, 2009

amoi amoi :p

those picture taken at pc fair recently..

Friday, April 10, 2009

im stupid enuff

oooo my curiosity killing me sux on handling still not good enough on doing that..i still need to explore more on playing with word on woman which..those things were difficult for me on making that happen..i know my self better..i dunno if i be like this being single forever..i lack senses of humor, im not good in sweet talking, i am good on make people angry and piss off with me, im horrible kind of people but deep inside on me only people who knew me knows what is the beauty inside me..

i try to help people as much i can but started from today i must be cruel a bit..because good people will be bullied by people who a not thinking of sensitivity of people and for their own benefit..


n serious shit french language works sucking my ball a lot

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


wah 1 week left to end this fast the time left us..hermmmm still don't have any girlfriend yet...hahaha 1 more semester left...sempat ka hihihi

Friday, April 3, 2009

bersifat berfikiran lebih terbuka

aku pun tak pasti apa yang akan terjadi selepas detik jarum jam tu berlalu..aku hanya mampu merancang dan berusaha demi mencapai keselesaan itu..jangan amek mudah atas segala kejadian..berfikir secara matang dan terbuka insya-allah selamat