Saturday, May 16, 2009

miri versus loneliness

hehe my fren all one can entertain me whole time spending wih my lappy n kebon..yup...i hepy being back to miri..but i get bored wih nobody around me i mean to have supe bored..

at home i cook n cook n cook

i getting more fatter n fatter...

kebon fascinate me..the new house so damn it so the the the lovely

next month will be month of hard work..have to tanam sawit n menbaja sawit..covering few ekar..n berbukit with rain the anak sawit will be 3 time more heavy n the naik bukit fuyoo...hehe hopefully can lose some weight skit la hehe

klah later on i post the pic place that i work on...c laa if i rajin enuf to post it..klah hav fun guys

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frayed amethyst said...

gemok gle....gemok gle....asek mkan