Wednesday, November 26, 2008

woahhh enjoying being loneliness

wahaha macam ni la rasa to be alone..boring wahsai...i cant go anywhere the weather is out of control..i live a seri kembangan i believe here is place wat we call kawasan tadahan hujan..nowonder la its raining all the day..herrm..

here let me share few photo

this building were heaven to me...this place call medan or rockcafe(if i not mistake) here lah the cc that i always say over 300 pc i think ada here o.0 murah pon murah 5 hour only 5 ringit hehe..owh ya located at banda sunway

naaa apek gemok...ini latest pic of me not laa this pic taken few week ago not more then 1 month..haha i lose some weight during this time but right now dunno tummy become more cuter kawaiii..i eat lot of junk food here (seri kembangan) n food here macam haram..tasteless, mahal n sikit..n my stove run out of gas malas top up coz soon we all be pindah. ;p


here is taman warisan place to lepak n eat satey wih laicikang slurrpp

up stair got kedai makan..taman warisan putrajaya

klah later i put more picture..i malas to edit pic coz it leceh..i dun hav any sofware to edit pic..i always shoot pic in RAW coz many option to edit rather then to lazy go one by one edit guna wih my camera leceh...klah hav fun cuti xD

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


wah i always confius wih pataya and paprik...i had already several time tersalah order those two..why use weirdo word..y dey all dun wan to change pataya to nasi wutever telur bungkus n paprik nasi wutever lauk bermacam..easy kaan..haha

iall the kofing..uhuk uhuk..make me inseance..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


1. Name your most favourite food in the world. Why? Place picture please.
itik pangang...imagine dat u ada itik pangang depan u wahaha no laa..susah mau describe favorite food tp wateva my mom cook itu laa my favorite food :P

2. Combine two of the most impossible food you can think of into a dish e.g: cencaluk + msk lemak = msk lemak cencaluk
(waaa gud one)

sambal belacan triple dos cili api + wasabi = sambal belacan wasabi extra hot hot hot

3. Choose a picture of a food and describe its negative effects on you
panda penis soup sry i dun hav dat pic but i saw one in china..waaa sian dat panda..think la how dat innocent panda wan to masturbated o.0

4. Your most memorable foods. Why?
uhmmm mom ayam percik, my mom pajeri nenas, satey kajang (taman warisan putrajaya)..n few lagi....reason ada laa i dun wan to share wahaahaha

waaaa my trip to pahang cancel

so sad i hav to cancel trip for several reason..the weather was not ideal to travel rite now..i afraid if i greed to travel there were ntg much to do in this kind of cancel loo...banting i coming soon hopefully i will not cancel that plan too laa..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

fuhh akhirnya my u-mobile kena terminate

alhamdulillah after paying rm 241.20 my u-mobile settle down already..i already terminate the account was painful for me to pay that amount of money..balance of that money i enjoy with chocolates chips from famous amon (forget how to spell sry :p)...every moment in ur life must be enjoy even ur life were suffer true or not.I dun hav no option to settle up my u-mobile unless i pay it..that money is for my running shoes..dammit i had to postpone my shoes again..

life at key el were difficult because lots of thing u required to achieve ur satisfaction..include is everything here.. whatever u need to do here without money u cant do anything here back in miri money were option but here hermm hard to was not i staying in miri with my family that tell me money was was the way of my life when i was there..okey enuff mumbling about life..okey rite now i hav 300 ringgit in my pocket minus 50 ringgit to stay alive..balance i think its enuff for travel..i hav to wait green light from my fren den i can go aim for this travel to visit my old friend..that its..hopefully it will be fun laa hehehe

Saturday, November 15, 2008

how to get rid my emo?

after a conference with few friends i determine that im to emotional..yeah rite..i conclude my self like that..for now i wonder how lower a bit my emo level..if i can get rid the emo i think i would be hepy..yalah i think my fren suma pk that im to emo and they were bored when with me..yalah i think i gonna lose a bit that things..insya-allah...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WTF wat a day!!

48 hours only 1 n half hour fucking tired...i duno today is my a bad day or gud day..lots of thing happen only ress for 1 n half hour only rest jalan jalan jalan..hehe jalan wih no luck but ada laa skit..

its begin last not blame n 2 fren play card until 4 am at mamak after dat dunno where to sleep hehe rule for college after 3 juz stay watever u were dont go back that time unless u got reasonable reason so wat i only can do is wait until 6 am then can go back.. sampai college i cannot sleep den i cuci la my baju at early 6 am..that was freezing siot..then later i fall a sleep after laying on my bed..then 8.30 bangun siap2 wanna go c Miz Rozi coz i hav appointment wih her regarding my carry mark..half hour waiting her baru i dapat met her..okey la i got addition mark..then lepak khalifa alone makan roti telur n teh o ais..actually i wanna direct get my pendrive..but i think its still early its around 10.30 breakfast la dulu..

makan2 then awg fon me glad he tell me gud news i can hang wih him for 2 day at damansara..biasa laa pasal game laa hehehe...after meet awg i went to this ladies house to take my pendrive from person i admired a lot..during i arrive at her house damn i fell so lump..i dunno y mayb coz last nite i send text to her which she got anything important that she wanna told me she can told me during dat time..but there were no such thing as important things that she wanna to say wih me..kecewa..haha..i bet she will forget about that coz she memang pelupa hahaha..

then i went to mid villey alone go watch james bond..watching at cinema were sux coz i dun really get whole idea of the muvie unless bang bang bang.. to much cut scene make it sux..WTF...

after dat cari kasut..coz i need running shoes very badly..masok that kedai dah la x kena layan..malu siot then i go out after 5 minute i went back baru kena layan...i juz short 50 ringgit..actually i can effort that shoes but if use extra 5o ringgit my live will difficult following day.then i ask the promoter when the shop do a promotion n they say on 29 then i told them that on 29 i will come again insya-allah..

damn raining make everything go slow in key el..i stuck 1 hour for waiting bus n train..during that time im tired seeing this uchak-uchak...what de la wat ever uchak-uchak wan to do..i only can watch n cuci mata haha..owh yaa today my pervert eye saw tudung girl with her g-string siot and the chick also hot she got clear lite brown eyes..walao wei if laa i had my slr that time..hmpp haaha..

i end my journey for today here at cc..after mandi baring kejap then wallaa im here..owh yaa i dunno wat in her mind rite now (refer to the girl tu laaa mau tanya lagi)...i dunno she wanna play game on me to entertain her self or to take advantage on me or its come from her heart..yalah who care about it kan the only care is me im so pathetic..klah..enuf for today..cyaa

Saturday, November 8, 2008

another post lagi!!!

I think I watch to much love muvie for the past few week..the most muvie I like is sepi…I got a feeling that afdlin sauki make adam story for me…cause I love bakery n I wan to make a fine dining restaurant macam dalam the muvie..I wondering my live will be like dat by seeing adam as me in the future…..sepi…. What a great story…. I think if I don’t change my life rite now my future will be like that…. I don’t wan to be sepi ….moral of story I should fine a woman or what can I say is my future wife….well I don’t mean to couple straight away rite now I juz wan to find girl that make me hepy ever after….

Actually im not planning to get married early…I not yet satisfy with my single live yet….I just wan to know woman heart which I admired. This is to make sure two of us in win win situation. I don’t wan one of us feel bad or something in the future…pls try to understand that….

I writing a blog not because of gaining sympathy from people who read my blog…I write because blog is behalf of my live…this is part of me….lapa siot time to get some food…

Friday, November 7, 2008


I wan to talk about my feeling today n think its was a bad idea to post this kind of treat…I dunno how to start.. Lets gamble 1...2...3... K go…actually I cannot forget about you. Dear...I cannot resist that all my feeling were gone away following the blow of wind in the air..its was not easy to me to erase ur face inside my memory..I create this kind of mess and I should prepare for it but I not well equip yet…my heart were not strong enough..

I should thank to you dear coz finally it was you I know my weaknesses… im not good into women suck on win woman heart as beautiful you was not easy..

As beautiful you are that was not my first criteria..the charming heart that u have was the main attraction on me beside we share similar interest…I got give from god that I can read people from their characteristic..I can proximate what kind of live that he or she use to be…thank to god about was not 100% accurate but I can rely on that so I can become more defensive…that why I dun have many friend coz im very particular on choosing friend…but I know lot of ppl and I can hang with every one..

Back on you dear..deep inside in u, I can see the pure heart that other ppl cant see..I don’t care what ppl say about u and what u have did before..I don’t think that u were a bad girl or good girl…the person can judge u is only u, not other ppl coz u know ur self better then other ppl..u have ur on game to entertain ur self by that u can feel alive..I don’t really bother on that seriously…its ur right to done such a things..I will not encourage or discourage on that kind of behavior..but biasalaa we live in this kind of community…ppl will think im useless aka dayus n ppl were think slack on u..chill…I told u im different from other ppl..I only done goods base on religions guidelines that its..simple… im against with rasuah, zina, gambling, prejudice against women, war, pollutions, racist and bad politics for some reason….

For me it was normal in malay community for being back stab or back stabbing other pll..this is what malay do..don’t be so angry n haste on what I say..this is just my opinion n I think its was damn true..and one more about malay community is when bad things happen it was that easy to remember n that things were store in memory for such a long period rather then memory for good thing ppl do…forgive me on what I not condemn malay ppl coz half on my self were malay..

I hate back stabbing..I hate condemn other ppl…I hate talk about bad things ppl done…its was a lie if I say im not condemn, talk a bad thing n back stabbing ppl but I juz hate doing that..I doing that because I have too…I have a feeling too..when ppl start to do that on me then I will repay back..but I will go easy on that..if I can change the world first thing I do is change the perception about the way malay ppl things to the positive way…

Owh ya…after all the thing happen to me in short period I dunno if I can be like this until to the end…but my perception on u and other woman that I admired will be differend…I will not the one who started the first move what I mean is for the serious relationship ..coz im not good on that..if u wanna play ur game on me juz to entertain ur self pls forget it…but if ur heart say im gud enuff for u then lets hear god whisper cause u know kan I will false on you again...okey lah im tired for being emo…wait not yet finish….im not kinda expert on playing on words n romantic kinds of person..but I only tried what I capable ..hope its will cheers u up…

Juz for u dear…
I would never find a girl that makes me lost in her eyes, drown with her smile, high with her touch, and thrill with her joy.
I love the way she makes me laugh and I hate the way she’s ignoring me.
And I thought I would never find that girl till there were you. As the star keeps shining up the sky, you here keep shining up my life.
And I hope it will last forever till these eyes snuggle up tight.

I will not chase u nemore but my heart really in pain….its all up to u to decide either wanna cont’, hold or I should forget about it…ur option dear…don’t thinks to much on me but u should thinks for ur self first…..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

today post

Wah tired ooo…got 3 paper to go then im free waloaweii…ntg much happen on me this 2-3 day beside lepak at kamal (mamak shop) n study study study n play DOTA n COD…live in unpredictable…betol x…when the time we hepy we smile…when time be emo we do muka cacat....but alhamdulillah im hepy rite now..mana x I got plenty of plan during this holiday…

my plan is
1) going to maran wih kak nurul to visit aim is to see what kind of life she in n I wanna see how her family manage their shop n their sawit…I never be in maran before..I dunno wat kind of town it look like..I wanna crash maran muahahahahaa…
2) next destination is kuantan..this is my third visit….I juz wanna feel laut cina selatan....miles away from kuantan were miri..I miss miri so much..
3) after few day later I going back to Key el…if sempat I will visit my fren si kurus at banting…lama already im not been there..rindu la sama wak birin hehehe…
4) then 2 disember I going back to Kedah meet my family.…then dunno what happen later on..hehehe

Erm…actually I got treat to post on my blog about adalaaa..hehe surprise…I wanna post its as soon as possible but thinks this is not the correct time to that kind of write up…someone might be emo and group of ppl will eaten me alive..hehehe…but if u all read the post n understand the text u think wat is say is so damn true..tunggu je lah..Klah I need study French…tomoro exem oooo…bon voyage….

Monday, November 3, 2008

midnite at sekyen 2 Shah Alam

college meranti

around 11.30 pm

mcd seksyen 2

da car was to fast

famous nasi lemak jati

seksyen 2 midnite

Saturday, November 1, 2008

gud bye october n welcome november

to much drama on October...its was fun coz that is my first time being in that situation..but i will end it today..hehe actually last nite..i figure out it was no point to continue on..i dun receive any gud feedback then i assume i had fail to win her heart..

yeah it was difficult but live must go not a person that makan hati sangat..suppost u understood what i say..i go easy with everything..memang laa im little bit piss off but after a blink then i will be fine..that its me...

but after all the drama i already change my perception on women..for the future if i interested to the women i will kept silent..rite now chicks 2 alem 0...which i already approach 2 chick n taraa i failed..

dun worry laa about me i use to be dump n being dump..hahaha..later got exam gap i wana go to puduplaza (i dunno where is it).. taraaa sb 600 (flash) n lense (wideangle) on my hand dat day.. i dun care nemore how i gonna spend my money..i dun mean to try drug or drink alcohol beverage..or done bad things..but flirting mayb but not until to the bed..coz that is not dick juz only my bini yang sah only..hahaha...hrmm but now i juz wanna go travel..i wanna visit beautiful place..i okey if i travel that i can know more people..

hopefully we can stiill be fren..what ever happen before i apologize for bored being stupid i will put end from now...dun run away from me coz i will not chase u anymore :p