Wednesday, November 26, 2008

woahhh enjoying being loneliness

wahaha macam ni la rasa to be alone..boring wahsai...i cant go anywhere the weather is out of control..i live a seri kembangan i believe here is place wat we call kawasan tadahan hujan..nowonder la its raining all the day..herrm..

here let me share few photo

this building were heaven to me...this place call medan or rockcafe(if i not mistake) here lah the cc that i always say over 300 pc i think ada here o.0 murah pon murah 5 hour only 5 ringit hehe..owh ya located at banda sunway

naaa apek gemok...ini latest pic of me not laa this pic taken few week ago not more then 1 month..haha i lose some weight during this time but right now dunno tummy become more cuter kawaiii..i eat lot of junk food here (seri kembangan) n food here macam haram..tasteless, mahal n sikit..n my stove run out of gas malas top up coz soon we all be pindah. ;p


here is taman warisan place to lepak n eat satey wih laicikang slurrpp

up stair got kedai makan..taman warisan putrajaya

klah later i put more picture..i malas to edit pic coz it leceh..i dun hav any sofware to edit pic..i always shoot pic in RAW coz many option to edit rather then to lazy go one by one edit guna wih my camera leceh...klah hav fun cuti xD

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