Thursday, November 6, 2008

today post

Wah tired ooo…got 3 paper to go then im free waloaweii…ntg much happen on me this 2-3 day beside lepak at kamal (mamak shop) n study study study n play DOTA n COD…live in unpredictable…betol x…when the time we hepy we smile…when time be emo we do muka cacat....but alhamdulillah im hepy rite now..mana x I got plenty of plan during this holiday…

my plan is
1) going to maran wih kak nurul to visit aim is to see what kind of life she in n I wanna see how her family manage their shop n their sawit…I never be in maran before..I dunno wat kind of town it look like..I wanna crash maran muahahahahaa…
2) next destination is kuantan..this is my third visit….I juz wanna feel laut cina selatan....miles away from kuantan were miri..I miss miri so much..
3) after few day later I going back to Key el…if sempat I will visit my fren si kurus at banting…lama already im not been there..rindu la sama wak birin hehehe…
4) then 2 disember I going back to Kedah meet my family.…then dunno what happen later on..hehehe

Erm…actually I got treat to post on my blog about adalaaa..hehe surprise…I wanna post its as soon as possible but thinks this is not the correct time to that kind of write up…someone might be emo and group of ppl will eaten me alive..hehehe…but if u all read the post n understand the text u think wat is say is so damn true..tunggu je lah..Klah I need study French…tomoro exem oooo…bon voyage….

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