Saturday, November 1, 2008

gud bye october n welcome november

to much drama on October...its was fun coz that is my first time being in that situation..but i will end it today..hehe actually last nite..i figure out it was no point to continue on..i dun receive any gud feedback then i assume i had fail to win her heart..

yeah it was difficult but live must go not a person that makan hati sangat..suppost u understood what i say..i go easy with everything..memang laa im little bit piss off but after a blink then i will be fine..that its me...

but after all the drama i already change my perception on women..for the future if i interested to the women i will kept silent..rite now chicks 2 alem 0...which i already approach 2 chick n taraa i failed..

dun worry laa about me i use to be dump n being dump..hahaha..later got exam gap i wana go to puduplaza (i dunno where is it).. taraaa sb 600 (flash) n lense (wideangle) on my hand dat day.. i dun care nemore how i gonna spend my money..i dun mean to try drug or drink alcohol beverage..or done bad things..but flirting mayb but not until to the bed..coz that is not dick juz only my bini yang sah only..hahaha...hrmm but now i juz wanna go travel..i wanna visit beautiful place..i okey if i travel that i can know more people..

hopefully we can stiill be fren..what ever happen before i apologize for bored being stupid i will put end from now...dun run away from me coz i will not chase u anymore :p

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