Tuesday, November 18, 2008

fuhh akhirnya my u-mobile kena terminate

alhamdulillah after paying rm 241.20 my u-mobile settle down already..i already terminate the account already..it was painful for me to pay that amount of money..balance of that money i enjoy with chocolates chips from famous amon (forget how to spell sry :p)...every moment in ur life must be enjoy even ur life were suffer true or not.I dun hav no option to settle up my u-mobile unless i pay it..that money is for my running shoes..dammit i had to postpone my shoes again..

life at key el were difficult because lots of thing u required to achieve ur satisfaction..include me..money is everything here.. whatever u need to do here without money u cant do anything here back in miri money were option but here hermm hard to tell..it was not i staying in miri with my family that tell me money was option..it was the way of my life when i was there..okey enuff mumbling about life..okey rite now i hav 300 ringgit in my pocket minus 50 ringgit to stay alive..balance i think its enuff for travel..i hav to wait green light from my fren den i can go there..my aim for this travel to visit my old friend..that its..hopefully it will be fun laa hehehe

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