Friday, November 7, 2008


I wan to talk about my feeling today n think its was a bad idea to post this kind of treat…I dunno how to start.. Lets gamble 1...2...3... K go…actually I cannot forget about you. Dear...I cannot resist that all my feeling were gone away following the blow of wind in the air..its was not easy to me to erase ur face inside my memory..I create this kind of mess and I should prepare for it but I not well equip yet…my heart were not strong enough..

I should thank to you dear coz finally it was you I know my weaknesses… im not good into women suck on win woman heart as beautiful you was not easy..

As beautiful you are that was not my first criteria..the charming heart that u have was the main attraction on me beside we share similar interest…I got give from god that I can read people from their characteristic..I can proximate what kind of live that he or she use to be…thank to god about was not 100% accurate but I can rely on that so I can become more defensive…that why I dun have many friend coz im very particular on choosing friend…but I know lot of ppl and I can hang with every one..

Back on you dear..deep inside in u, I can see the pure heart that other ppl cant see..I don’t care what ppl say about u and what u have did before..I don’t think that u were a bad girl or good girl…the person can judge u is only u, not other ppl coz u know ur self better then other ppl..u have ur on game to entertain ur self by that u can feel alive..I don’t really bother on that seriously…its ur right to done such a things..I will not encourage or discourage on that kind of behavior..but biasalaa we live in this kind of community…ppl will think im useless aka dayus n ppl were think slack on u..chill…I told u im different from other ppl..I only done goods base on religions guidelines that its..simple… im against with rasuah, zina, gambling, prejudice against women, war, pollutions, racist and bad politics for some reason….

For me it was normal in malay community for being back stab or back stabbing other pll..this is what malay do..don’t be so angry n haste on what I say..this is just my opinion n I think its was damn true..and one more about malay community is when bad things happen it was that easy to remember n that things were store in memory for such a long period rather then memory for good thing ppl do…forgive me on what I not condemn malay ppl coz half on my self were malay..

I hate back stabbing..I hate condemn other ppl…I hate talk about bad things ppl done…its was a lie if I say im not condemn, talk a bad thing n back stabbing ppl but I juz hate doing that..I doing that because I have too…I have a feeling too..when ppl start to do that on me then I will repay back..but I will go easy on that..if I can change the world first thing I do is change the perception about the way malay ppl things to the positive way…

Owh ya…after all the thing happen to me in short period I dunno if I can be like this until to the end…but my perception on u and other woman that I admired will be differend…I will not the one who started the first move what I mean is for the serious relationship ..coz im not good on that..if u wanna play ur game on me juz to entertain ur self pls forget it…but if ur heart say im gud enuff for u then lets hear god whisper cause u know kan I will false on you again...okey lah im tired for being emo…wait not yet finish….im not kinda expert on playing on words n romantic kinds of person..but I only tried what I capable ..hope its will cheers u up…

Juz for u dear…
I would never find a girl that makes me lost in her eyes, drown with her smile, high with her touch, and thrill with her joy.
I love the way she makes me laugh and I hate the way she’s ignoring me.
And I thought I would never find that girl till there were you. As the star keeps shining up the sky, you here keep shining up my life.
And I hope it will last forever till these eyes snuggle up tight.

I will not chase u nemore but my heart really in pain….its all up to u to decide either wanna cont’, hold or I should forget about it…ur option dear…don’t thinks to much on me but u should thinks for ur self first…..

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mInImOy said...

i've been in your situation a few times. i think 4-5. worse than urs.

but believe me one thing : u will find someone better.

cause i did, and all the while, nya depan2 mata aku jak.

don't look for love, let love find u.