Monday, March 30, 2009

pangkor oh pangkor

What a lovely place n a horror place :p

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so hardly to erase ur face!!

so hard...i dunno what else to do..what only can i do is only wait...wait for the unclear answer n by the observation...seriously i still have those kind of feeling on her and for several month i still manage to control....but lately i hardly to fully control..i afraid those things will burst out..i don't want to make another mistake..i wish the relationship will go for long period..but im still flexible..i am waiting someone can win my still make another move sadly to say i have no courage on doing so afraid if i might fail again..


Monday, March 23, 2009


suddenly i felt so lonely and i dunno why...lately i am to busy settle things and baru skarang i have time to be alone...i enjoy this time of moment but biasalaa i felt lonely heh...

so sepi~

blogging by phone..heh

hehe im bored in im playing wih net..herm..another week of torturing..hermmm

Friday, March 20, 2009

wah wah wah

budjet lari siot......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

menblog kisah alem

cis i dunno y i cannot sign in my yahoo msger..i think i gonna format this labtop..aiyaa...

waseh im back on my track to join the industry as hotelier..semangat!!!

somedays i will be a master chef...insya-allah....

that is my target beside traveling trough the world...yeahhh!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


waaa she look stunning beautiful tonight..very hard for me to avoid facing that innocent face, i cannot resist to turn my face in opposite way...seeing of that face give me some sort of weird feeling which i can't describe by my own word..but who am i to be in her life..i just a normal dude without anything to proud off..i just kampong boy who wish to get life in simple way..

wahhh i miss the island

hehe i suppose blogging about the island since i not enough time(lots of essment) so i hold for few day until i got enuf time to think nice and suitable word about what happen in the island..haha but i really had fun on the island..manyak syiok coz for 4 month i dont see the beaches and the sea..i really miss all those things..reminds me of miri...

but right now i wan talk abaout me me and me...

entah laa every beautiful ladies i meet mesti got bouyfriend sigh~ but this is good for them i nvr dis moralize them even i support them..this is only i can do to kept the relation to be their friend..i don't mind at all..seriously..

memang about the promise i make before being curse for me...its okey...right now i already know who am i so its my duty to cheers someone in problem and sharing their tough...

nasib all the ladies paham me...alhamdulillah...i don't mean if i approach ladies for seeking for love but to study their personality by that i can improve what i lack on me... im afraid on what the ladies think on me because on im so eager to know about them...i afraid they think i fall in love with definition on fall in love different..but i mengaku i like all the ladies that i approach as my dearest friend....

im not a kind of busy body...i just care and concern about them..not just ladies but among my male friend..i dunno when is my turn to be fall in love again..hehe


Monday, March 2, 2009

questions n anwers

why must i handle all my problem alone?
god love you halim..

why must i mumbling about my own problem to random people?
i have to do that too cheer me up

do i have a fix person who might listening to my problem?

do i happy all the time?

do you need girlfriend?
seriously i don't wan to involved in any commitment yet but i only wanted to have someone willing to share problem with me n i can do same thing in purpose to cheer us and helping each others..this is to kept me busy so i don't think about my self to much..

i dunno why i always think about this..if i can get rid this stuff from my head i will be the most happiest men in the world....

Sunday, March 1, 2009


gulp red cherry ferrari...

naa more then 20 ferrari in front of pavillion..see how rich malaysia people...geramm

owh ya i stuck at monorail bukit bintang for 1 hour without water n food...i just baru finish my shooting at restaurant seri melayu around 8.00..checking the Ferrari for few minute...then with the raining n waiting made me lose some my mind!!

haha i got 3 card from bapa ayam n threw straight away haha.. i walking at bintang walk alone with smart dress n shoes i believe they think im foreigner haha..that y i don't like wear shoes when wondering around kl..

im still in malas mode..okey farewell guys!!