Monday, March 2, 2009

questions n anwers

why must i handle all my problem alone?
god love you halim..

why must i mumbling about my own problem to random people?
i have to do that too cheer me up

do i have a fix person who might listening to my problem?

do i happy all the time?

do you need girlfriend?
seriously i don't wan to involved in any commitment yet but i only wanted to have someone willing to share problem with me n i can do same thing in purpose to cheer us and helping each others..this is to kept me busy so i don't think about my self to much..

i dunno why i always think about this..if i can get rid this stuff from my head i will be the most happiest men in the world....

1 comment:

mInImOy said...

ah.normal la ya alem.aku pun sama jwak..

manusia lain sikkan suka tgk org lain kita akan sentiasa ditimpa masalah.

life's like that. we all have to live with it.