Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WTF wat a day!!

48 hours only 1 n half hour fucking tired...i duno today is my a bad day or gud day..lots of thing happen only ress for 1 n half hour only rest jalan jalan jalan..hehe jalan wih no luck but ada laa skit..

its begin last not blame n 2 fren play card until 4 am at mamak after dat dunno where to sleep hehe rule for college after 3 juz stay watever u were dont go back that time unless u got reasonable reason so wat i only can do is wait until 6 am then can go back.. sampai college i cannot sleep den i cuci la my baju at early 6 am..that was freezing siot..then later i fall a sleep after laying on my bed..then 8.30 bangun siap2 wanna go c Miz Rozi coz i hav appointment wih her regarding my carry mark..half hour waiting her baru i dapat met her..okey la i got addition mark..then lepak khalifa alone makan roti telur n teh o ais..actually i wanna direct get my pendrive..but i think its still early its around 10.30 breakfast la dulu..

makan2 then awg fon me glad he tell me gud news i can hang wih him for 2 day at damansara..biasa laa pasal game laa hehehe...after meet awg i went to this ladies house to take my pendrive from person i admired a lot..during i arrive at her house damn i fell so lump..i dunno y mayb coz last nite i send text to her which she got anything important that she wanna told me she can told me during dat time..but there were no such thing as important things that she wanna to say wih me..kecewa..haha..i bet she will forget about that coz she memang pelupa hahaha..

then i went to mid villey alone go watch james bond..watching at cinema were sux coz i dun really get whole idea of the muvie unless bang bang bang.. to much cut scene make it sux..WTF...

after dat cari kasut..coz i need running shoes very badly..masok that kedai dah la x kena layan..malu siot then i go out after 5 minute i went back baru kena layan...i juz short 50 ringgit..actually i can effort that shoes but if use extra 5o ringgit my live will difficult following day.then i ask the promoter when the shop do a promotion n they say on 29 then i told them that on 29 i will come again insya-allah..

damn raining make everything go slow in key el..i stuck 1 hour for waiting bus n train..during that time im tired seeing this uchak-uchak...what de la wat ever uchak-uchak wan to do..i only can watch n cuci mata haha..owh yaa today my pervert eye saw tudung girl with her g-string siot and the chick also hot she got clear lite brown eyes..walao wei if laa i had my slr that time..hmpp haaha..

i end my journey for today here at cc..after mandi baring kejap then wallaa im here..owh yaa i dunno wat in her mind rite now (refer to the girl tu laaa mau tanya lagi)...i dunno she wanna play game on me to entertain her self or to take advantage on me or its come from her heart..yalah who care about it kan the only care is me im so pathetic..klah..enuf for today..cyaa

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mInImOy said...

eh. running shoes? promotion?

kat midvalley kah?

kedai ney?