Thursday, May 28, 2009

what on the earth!!

well i recently hearing someone screaming on my neighbor happening around this moment..i wonder what actually happen..i don't want to busy body with people problem..but the screaming annoy me so badly..the screaming that i heard is ladies voice and i not sure what actually happen..tonite i can see the source from my eye saw two person on that room..a guy is holding the scream girl..and the voice stop hearing so im back to my room..

so the point is im very respect with girl and i protecting them as i can..why must we do the violence, why we can live in peace and serounding with love..why must we do thinking in negative manner...why why why..

off story..its return to me...

wasai so bored... i inpatient wanna go trip with my i back on traveling again wuhoooo

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