Friday, April 10, 2009

im stupid enuff

oooo my curiosity killing me sux on handling still not good enough on doing that..i still need to explore more on playing with word on woman which..those things were difficult for me on making that happen..i know my self better..i dunno if i be like this being single forever..i lack senses of humor, im not good in sweet talking, i am good on make people angry and piss off with me, im horrible kind of people but deep inside on me only people who knew me knows what is the beauty inside me..

i try to help people as much i can but started from today i must be cruel a bit..because good people will be bullied by people who a not thinking of sensitivity of people and for their own benefit..


n serious shit french language works sucking my ball a lot

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Anonymous said...

i think i know u... =P