Tuesday, April 28, 2009

panas panas

it very hot here sigh

hermm trip to melaka n negeri sembilan was fun...still remember those day..hehe

panas panas i cannot tahan..

its really easy to me to decide either to live single or to have girlfriend :p

memang she already got boyfriend and i only a best friend of her or actually her scandal..that is what her mention to her mom..

we have so much fun lately..that weird feeling start flow over into my heart..

this is my first time since 23 years of existent being treat special by opposite gender..feel so special..u know that kind of feeling if u a into with it..

feel like a butterflies..that i always said..hehe

i love observing butterfly..the pattern of the wings, colur, the way its fly, so beautiful and more i like is the way butterfly dance overflow with the wind, clapping its wing, finding flower for food..so fascinating..

i don't have power to decide..i left to her on deciding this matter..let give her a time even took several time..no rush lets she decide what she deserve..to choice a soldier who serve for the country or just a normal fat guys or somebody else hehehe

klah..too hot my brain already half cook n if i can perah this tilam i think memang banjir my room hehe..


Anonymous said...

jom pegi zoo plak!! yeay... (*_*)v

abang kepada alem said...

you sounded like gay bro,
go to gym and get a tight shirt.

alem said...

apa kaitan ngan gay..tu nature..salah ka kalo tengok rama2..haha