Monday, April 20, 2009


dunno what title should be i think of kambeng then i put kambeng as title..doesn't have any implied meaning..

yeap u my dear memang u will read my blog..

hehe but better u don't read this post unless u very eager to read :p

ntg much to say..

i know how complicated ur problem is

success rate on ur side to accept me is only 20 further discussion about that..that is only my estimate..

i notice that risk when i first meet u my dear.

i only wanna make u feel hepy even i already know the risk..

if we suite each other we got long way to go..

tooo longggggggggggggg

tu ja laa...

off story jap...


final coming final coming takot takot takot

teketaq lutut nih cuak punya pasal...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hehehe...that kambeng must be proud to see his(kambeng jantan)name in this blog..haha...=P