Sunday, April 19, 2009

prepare for final wih joy

hehe..i seriously enjoy my life..but i worried on something that beyond what i thinking..but life must goes on..

i must prepare my self as much i can..equip mentally, psychical n emotion very well..ntah laa..this kind of weird feeling overwhelming on my self..sometime i cant control it n most of time i still can manage it..hehe

to enter this kind of new world is like the dream come true..but still on her to decide on..i dun wan to be batu api, i don't want her suffer because decision i her decide what her wan not me..because her knows her self better than other person..

okey laa..i got 2 chapter to hafal before the exam..klah hav fun n all the best for the final!!

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Anonymous said...

chaiyok2!! :)