Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yahooo my law sux

i can smell i only can can get B- for law n i smell B+ for the ctu...i cant focus doing my law paper..so thirsty make my mouth drain n i felt dehydrated..10 day of holiday so i can spend at least 4-5 day on playing game..hehe..1 whole that wih ehemm..n rest study lor..

thx to my dear coz help me out to be more focus heh..study alone at kolej make me feel sleepy.. the tabligh senyap already with me because he make my door nearly broken..do u know y my door broke hehe..this is funny..haha but biar laa we a human memang x tahan with setan around us..the door broke because he wanna check either im in my room coz i always lock my door..so he push so damn kasar sampai the lock nearly bengkok..so i have to put notice at my room to get easy wih my door..

haha baru skarang he stop checking me.. n funny is y that day he so eager to check me...aha..kantoi wih me...he watching porn..funny...im okey wih ppl watching porn ..yala to experience new things haha..so he kinda senyap wih me because shame on me kali kot..

he the one kejut kan me pagi2 until my door goona tercabut memang la i seda that day because i always wake up very early but sengaja wanna see how semangat he is 15 min ba he try every 2 min he ketok..but its okey la for suboh prayer i don't mind at all..that dude really kasa..i dunno why he wan to check me all the time..that make me sick..da la my room messy...klah enuff for now..don wan la crita pasal him..everyone got diffrend story..but this is very funny tabligh guna kain pelakat pakai kopiah watching that kind of muvie..wearing kopiah funny laa


abang kepada halim said...

alem.. you sux.. bila nak kenalkan awek kat abang.. jom pegi pantai.. camping buat BBQ.. and some photoshoot... nak tak?

alem said...

hahaha...jom cr awek kat pantai lak lepas ni hehehe

abang kepada alem yg gemok said...

nanti awek mu itu marah.. jangan dikau curang wahai alem... TOooOOOmmMMM!! (kene panah petir - nasib baik kene pokok sebelah)