Wednesday, October 7, 2009

reverse thinking...complexity to simplicity thats was me

rite i am sitting at MCD wondering things to write.i juz wan to clear up my mind for today so by any chance i read this treat again its remind of me for tonite..get ready to get brain damage if u think cannot accept the way of i thinking...and its ur rite to say im wrong and u can voice out anything u wan..but think wisely about the statement...

1)everyone thinks them self a totally rite
2)expression by face can conclude everything in any situation
3)the best option us trying to blame other ppl to cover up their mess
4)most of ppl will judge ppl from outside n not trying not to understand how the situation that contribute to stress..
5)not everyone can control them self in a rash condition
6)ppl a tend to talk bad rather than good
7)its hard to forgive ppl
8)brain is a give from Allah S.W.T to human

i love to thinks that create how is me rite hard to find ppl which really understand 23 years old..still young..i know that..the art of how i thinks a bit different from other ppl near my age..i don't care how ppl judge me? i believe they tot i hav problem in my brain..i love to look at things which a ppl ignore on it and people a not realize it at all..ppl will never understand me..i will not blame ppl when looking at me tot i am weak,fragile, easy to manipulate and if i end my life being single, i have no regret..m i crazy enuff..yeap..i wan c i change..let it be..

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