Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i dunno what i thinking right now

sigh...this things tingling my brain..

today i am happy person..yalaaa i can meet her for such a long time and meet her mom ever more..yeah for sure her mom like me...that what i thinking... we share joke, we laugh, they talking family issue front of me treat me as one of

i realize few hint.her mom saying "nnt kena ada 5 drawer 1 for u n rest for ina" the she silent, me inner voice said omg..and during makan2 she said about his cousin got married with sarawakian ppl and she fine with it and few more la..i assume that was a green light for me..

now i just wait for ina..i know she got double feeling with me..its okey..i still waiting..dunno until when..yeah i done some mistake today..hopefully she forgive me...okeh let focus..i got exam tomorow so i need study like a smart person..i already know i will not perform this why i so worried that much..i just aiming for past. if i go an A it was bonus for me..neways i already cover 5 chapter got 7 more chapter to go..ganbate..i do my best..

n miri wait me i will coming soon..miriiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Anonymous said...

is that so??
nway..all da best 4 your final exam!!!

alem said...

but i dunno to u..if u okey i glad to be wih u dear

abang said...

bila abis exam lem?

alem said...

11 abes..14 balik miri