Monday, September 28, 2009


there were many things i learn during all the journey that i gone to. i had realize the idea of creation of different characteristic of human being base on 3 thing. which are yes, no and maybe.this things come by opportunity and choice that bring to decision of yes, no and maybe. for me yes and no is come from our choice but maybe something that unthinking able happen us. opportunity come by choice which we decide by yes and no. what ever decision on yes and no will created another link which come by another choice. base on decision we make it will be develop a characteristic which a different and uniq from other people. maybe is something that uncontrollable by all that mean what ever decision on yes and no will be carry us to the goal that we wanted so much turn to otherwise. simple situation, i studies in hotel line aim to be a great chef but come the time i end up with my life not become a chef but be a pilot. something out of bond on what we doing to achieve something which the payment on what we doing turn to otherwise.

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