Saturday, September 5, 2009

i wan to write about malas

yeap i know everyone feel the same things. i bet my girlfriend feels the same way i woke up early 4 am then wait until the azan then continue sleeping until 9.30 am..then i realize its already almost 3 pm..i just baring in front my lappy watching a few movie, surfing, farming n mafia on facebook..being a lazy man..

bukan apa i don't want to go out the because yalla macam2 outside there, sexy ppl (can reduce my pahala posa), healthy reason, saving, bored, indeed its nothing to do outside there...seriously i rather go travel right old day but for the moment i just feel comfort doing nothing..ops i said it..nolaa i just brain storming my brain on my research..just to get few idea what to wrote..

oh back on malas things..i get a brilliant idea from my friend..its sound funny but its working to me aaah but not today..emm the idea is like this..instead using world malas why don't we use word as rajin to replace it..yup rajin is opposite meaning to malas.

aa still didn't get me kan..hehe try this..saya tersangat malas hari ni..change word malas to rajin..saya tersangat rajin hari ni..yup sound funny but it generate our brain to be rajin rather been malas..try on its working for me..its may be working to be rajin a bit..okey insya-allah it might help..farewell movie to watch.. peace

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ME MAZLINA said...

alahai..rajinnye.. :p