Friday, January 23, 2009

kusut berserabut i need vacation

pening this palak..i need travel alone to calm my self..i still dunno where to go..1 week of holiday mean torture for me...y? i only can watch star at night, dreaming the whole day and keep on dreaming...heh...

why i alway bloging?

need i answer the question ka?

hahaha...malas laa...but i believe u guys can teka what kind personality that i had..

and i believe the negative impression were not contra with positive its up to u..

i love writing...

im not fear someone read my blog because in school what is i fear of someone reading my english esei but not i wan get rid that thing..this is medium to express my feeling ang rich my word even my gramma, spelling were same level with sekolah menengah tingkatan 3..I DON'T CARE..heh

apa lagi :P

herm..i amazed she got good memory about promise..actually i made that promise a year ago which state i will be a single mungle tatittututititatattiii..thx for remind me on that thing..i will kept the promise..promise that i won touch women until i finish studies..sweet....

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Jiaren said...

hey man...dunno if you remember me anot...was looking at some frens blogs and their frens blogs and came across a bunch of mirians...

anyway, I was goin to say that I like your photos...but after reading your previous posts (sorry I busybody) it seemed kind of inappropriate...I'm sorry to hear about your friend...she sounds like an awesome person. I truly hope you sort things out.

besides that, I noticed you like photography...I love it too...maybe we can meet up for a shoot in Miri...I'm heading back soon and have some friends thr who do it professionally...we're (hopefully) go on shoots and stuff...cant wait!

Lastly happy CNY! chao bro!