Saturday, January 17, 2009

list of movie i watch on cinema

spirit- sux (i tersleep)
outlander- okey not okey (one whole scene cut-what the heck)
bedtime story- fun and funny
Histeria (malay movie)- boring and not scary enuf
los dan faun- awesome movie n i like it very much
ada lagi but i forget heh...

huwahhh kenapa this week rajin betol update my bored lately and i got work to do n i need acces to tenet..biasa laa cari journal, material and what so ever...lepak cc no fun..but wut to do..

horrey my broadband coming soon...insya-allah..

hahaha i dunno what wrong with my much of reading novel and joining intelektual ppl during one month holiday..all of u mesti baca one book from indonesia.."ayat-ayat cinta" sangat...right now what i most afraid if god approve i fall in love to women that i really admired..i don't want it will be base on nafsu but from pure heart..cewahhh...but i will try bermati-matian if i fall in love with anyone it will be not base on nafsu semata-mata..heh

i very glad i had a tabligh on my kolej~ alhamdulillah..ada kesedaran laa to be near with god..n lucky i failed my french last sem because i got lecturer that can speak 7 language n i believe he know more than that..yeah peace

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