Tuesday, January 13, 2009

owh too many thing happen few day..

yeah lets start mumbling..hehehe...i juz woke up from deep sleep so im kinda lose an idea a bit..herm..let begin with a good news!!!!!...i going to redang on this march wuhoooo....im one of the community in charge on logistic.. hopefully i can handle with less problem occur..harap-harap laa this trip success and all of we had great memory on that island :p

owh yaa today for the very first time im handling duck..today theme is from indonesia so im given a task to masak one special dish from bali..the dish was usually a roasted duck stuffing with lot of spices..the dish call Bebek Bertutu...kinda simple dish..kinda nice actually..but depend to ppl laa..eh someone maybe angry and won forgive me hahaha.. sry laa my niat is to study so i got this opportunity i cannot resist heh

apa lagi ah..owh ya straight 2 day ago i kinda busy with my schedule but kinda fun day..zepah was here and kasman still not really that kind of busy..who ever know kasman will know what im saying...

i wish can add some picture but im at cc so malas to la mo upload picture and I DONT HAVE ANY ACCESS TO DAMN INTERNET ANY MORE(from my kolej laa)...owh ya..pls laa guys i need ur help..support me because i wan lower my level of perverted a LOT..malas la be perverted..time to be mature adult :p..klah i got nothing to say..so have fun and enjoy ur day..


=Waniduckie= said...


Im dissapointed in you.


alem said...

wat..sedap baa