Sunday, December 21, 2008

i worried my future...

i dunno la after the result come out i afraid to face my future. there were too much to think off such what job i gonna work, amount of salary i gain, where i gonna spend my live, ada ka ladies want to be my sole mate, a lot more laa..

i worried to much until give me headache..i don't have mood to do anything..playing game, watching movie, shooting random picture, cooking, name it. i don't have mood to done such a thing..i should planning my life starting now..

the worst come to worst if i don't have rezeki working related in my field.. i be working my self become petani..i know the job were not glamor among the chicks ahak..i found that all my taste will not able to handle with dirt and the hopefully god will show me gurl that will be able to handle dirt and sun..i don't care if she don't know how to cooks coz i will personally teach her how to cook good meal..hehehe

i gonna started to collect money..i will follow wani of my close friend..she done without her parent know about she started invest money..i mean not skim cepat kaya or something like that..what she do is she manage to open account and secretly invest money monthly..i envy with her..started today insya-allah i will invest some money into my asw..insya-allah

owh yaa i already stop buying things..i thinks im already complete right now..unless my mom bought huge plasma tv then i will buy wii :p...for the camera it enuff already..

finally i felt calm after writing what my brain worried off..fuhh..okey laa..done for now peace

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=Waniduckie= said...

Bagus anak didik ku....