Friday, December 26, 2008

i dunno what im thinking...

uh i ned someone too cool me off...seriously i don't feel wanna go back to my school...i amaze with i had to come class on this mood saying i don't have interest to facing book and not even touch it..i dunno.. this maybe sight effect from having worst ever result..i hate where i log in my student portal and clicking link on transcript to see what subject i gonna be facing for new sem...actually i don't have to do like that it just an habit cause every semester i will done same thing..i hate it because transcript showing the pointer that i got..

mood to study ah'ahh..not in mood cause as hard i study in the end the result will be not kind of very brainy person in my not good in book..i had my own not sure what im good with beside making people angry and english grammar communication skill dealing planning quite okey..and think i only good to read people mind and give them advice how to improve themself and me..... nothing cause im kinda very hard to tolerate with other ppl advice if i think their advise is ridicolous and against with my principle even im very flexible on it.

bla bla bla i don't have people to speak off..coz i think their also got their own problem and if i share what my problem with them their can't do anything unless just a talk talk talk with no resolution n maybe will calm me down for moment..i have to deal by all guts that i hav..i very sorrow facing this kind off mess...i can cure my feeling in one blink but to clear up my mind it took plenty of time...sigh~

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