Thursday, December 4, 2008

alem alem alem...

finally the time have change, i believe they were no hope on finding the true malay chick in lepeh that have pure heart..actually i already give up on hoping finding woman that so defensive like me..we only can believe to god too forgive sins for what ever their doing to people like us..she had open my eye which in lepeh their were still got chicks were so defensive..

i admired her a lot n i cannot assume that she will admired me back coz i juz notice that...alem becareful on what u talk about...yeah but i dont care..but she change my perpesctive on malays chicks in lepeh n i cannot rush to build up a relationship that kept for forever ever certain rate i hate very much living in this kind of comunity but i cannot do anything because was born n grew up in such of comunity n i have to accept very glad god show her to me..alhamdulillah

she and me still be friend..i not yet ready to be in love coz i wan enjoy my live as much i can but i still like her :p..advice me to her i dont mind if u find another guys n date with them..hello im not dayus or wuteva i just wanna make her hepy so she can enjoying ur precious life n make ur migrain cure..this is kinda of therapy n dont thinks so much on wuteva ppl done to u...

i can make problem become joke so i can be handle my problem without stress..i dowan torture my body and my soul thats it..okey laa i ni kuat merepek..hahaha..such a boring guys :p

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