Friday, December 31, 2010

see u next year aite

well firstly i juz bought iphone4 2 day ago. i was surprise because its was too awesome and i own that...amazed with it feature and ton of application waiting for to try..the excited was still until now..

anyway tomorrow is a new time to me not waste my money and start to saving some for my future use..and alhamdulillah what i promise during my birthday a still on and i proud of that..i slowly to change for my own good..

oh dear i love my i phone so much...


Anonymous said...

Terima kasih untuk hal-hal yang baik.

Anonymous said...

Hanya berpikir saya akan komentar dan mengatakan tema besar, apakah Anda kode itu untuk diri sendiri? Benar-benar terlihat lebih sempurna!.