Sunday, September 21, 2008

ketagih blogging or memang ada masalah

ohhh im sleep well since 2-3 week ago i cannot sleep well the reason is to many works and biasa laa related to my heart..kacau bilau....hahaha...biasa laa kan when u see an angel in front ur eye what do you want to miss kan..hehehe..seriously i never felt that kind of feeling n last morning baru lega..

biasa laa i dont thinks its keja gila and shellfish..but its really for my own goods and my sake..tetiba got courage to giv her text msg..i told her that i dunno if i in luv with her cause every time when my i blink my eyes the beautiful face of her were appear inside my mind..arh that was me..u know how worst the situation is kan..sampai macam tu skali..

im glad i had positive answer from her..tengok im very admire with her..she were the angel who god send from heaven...

after sending her msg i feel so release macam all my problem were gone..yalah mayb u thinks im lost my mind kan sbb i baru kira start talking to her baru 1 month if i not mistaken..but i already admire her since beginning of last semester.. its good to be honest either u lie to ur self very hepy being honest n dealing wih here by my own self..tuhan je tau macam mana my situation that time..hehe

to her i hope we will still be friend..the reason of i doing this is i don't wan to seksa my jiwa..i need to study then finish my degree after that i wanna go my career there..i don want this kind of weird feeling stop me to go there..i already set my mission..if ada jodoh god will tell us..but u a the first ever ladies that me kacau bilau..n actually i don't wan to lose her...tapi this for her own good...who a me kan..gemok, x hensem, bodo and so on...layak ka me to her...

oklaa..pusat inovasi byk nyamok..i think i need to go...kbai..thx for any1 support me..peace


++ zatuL naNi ++ said...

sbr lem..
byk2 berdoa..
jodoh ketentuan d tgn Tuhan..

chEMPAKA said...

amboi lem..hang ske sape? x gtau akak pun