Sunday, September 28, 2008

nisa chan

nisa chan caught my attention when i was in departure hall in lcct..she always laugh, curios about anything, hyperactive n cute..i enjoying watching her and had fun wih her...i luv kids so much...i always hav fun wih them..hihi
hehehe i told u before...she cute kan

forget about nisa chan..okeh lets move to my story or u can skip its coz its was totally boring hehehe

life in miri were diffrend from any place that i stay along enuff....miri its was so relaxing.....yeah miri were small city and who stay here long enuff realize living here is fun..i like the comunity here..why ah??...this is because here you can do anything you wan... community here were not bother on what we la whatever u wan as long u hepy...n here we not talk so much about politics...because when we talks about about politics we tends to get disappointed and angry by that miri ppl try to avoid that..we wan stay peaceful here...we cares about politics but try to avoid it until pilihan raya hehe...miri oo miri what a relaxing city..i love my family here, my few fren here, the ocean, the forest, the cloud, the weather n ppl here...

herm...i dont hav so much time being in miri right now...i doing ntg here n i just relaxing my mind...ntg to explore here coz the time being in miri was to avoid keboringan yang melampau i tends to udpate my blog every day...hehehe...

i think i gonna create private blog like my few fren do..coz few topic i cant post in here..its to public..hehe...i think by blogging is a treatment for me to avoid boring n to realease tension..hehe..i cant rely on my fren nemore too realease my tension..we already grow up..we got our on problem..i dont wan to beban them..right now im relying on blog 100%..hehe thx god who introduce blog for me...owh yaa she ngegeh....dats all..hehehehehe

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