Monday, September 22, 2008

yeap rite now im being normal ppl...

baru rasa how hard to forget sumone..susah kann even thought we a still fren but to get rid the feeling were very hard..its okey im trying my best...this is hard decision to me..i gonna be back to normal alem soon...i wan be alem before..i wan gain my happiness back which were being enjoy single life...wheehee then i can do wat ever i wan n nobody care about it kan..

hehe its was fun be normal alem before...i will put aside my feeling first..for this moment there were very rough time for me..hopefully i will save arrive at airport miri this 25 sept... i wan breath the air from the ocean...i wanna feel the wind from the ocean..the sandy sand on the beach...i miss the ocean so much...miri i coming back....

owh yaa brief about old alem
  • hepy good lucky
  • pervert
  • put related about love aside
  • cuddly
  • try to be fun of anything
  • suka cari pasal
  • make ppl angry >>> this is a curse from kim since highschool

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