Friday, October 10, 2008


stupid me..ugly me...but this is me..sapa lagi kan if bukan Mohammad Halim bin Jeinie...ah..i thinks i changing a lot laa..i dunno if i can manage my self in this few week...what in my mind is i wanna go travel..i dont care where it is..i wanna go far away from this big not to use to stay in stone jungle for such a long in stone jungle i feel so much tension so much thinking macam2 as long here..back in place which were green n i can see blue sky...

seriously i dont mind staying in stone jungle..but for any reason i need my own space which were im prefering to see more green things, blue occean and clears sky..its giv me peace u know..i ned that..okey bored rite now..time for playing game :p kbai

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