Saturday, October 4, 2008

i need to get external flash for my slr

sigh i got prob wih shooting night pic without proper lighting..habis spoil my gambar raya..huwaaa...i should get a flash to my slr in short time..i think playing wih slr u need knowledge n patient..i tot playing slr were easy but it won't..i luv the challenging..i wanna take great pic..that is what i wish for..but if u wan to get great pic its doesn't mean u need the slr its self even though u have great knowledge n skill...its was wrong...what u need is true combination btw human n mecha..

to get flash for D60 was easy if u don't hav the knowledge about several funtion hehehe..D60 has own weakness..n i don't realize it before..its has lack several function..yeah D60 is suite for newbie only..hehe..but i still luv my slr...tungu la nanti when i work..i gonna get my own dream slr wih the lens n flash...hahahaha :p

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