Friday, August 1, 2008

hard to believe

memang hard to believe that some people can see makluk halus which were jin, bunian, jembalang and so on..this is a give from god to her because she can see what people cant you ever heard news about hysteria happen at the new school somewhere in malaysia recendly..base on her(girl that can see things) opnion that place were perkampungan bunian hard to believe kan.. i agree with her coz actually that place memang tempat jin bertendang before development..no1 attent to go there but the school was build at that place for many reason..tambah lagi primary school lagi.. u know kan children memang can see many things..i think bukan salah org bunian make them become histeria, org bunian also like us also their have their life which were difference from us little bit..only god and somebody with god give only know the story...budak kecik anything they scare kan..mana tak when they see ppl can fly laa got wing la memang they afraid kan..i dunno this is my to me other mahlok memang exist..tuhan itu maha kuasa...anything beyond our thinking anything can be...

oklah..dats all for tonite..kbai

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