Sunday, August 31, 2008


siot i got lots of work that not finish yet..sakit my kapla...tomorrow fasting begin lucky me i don't have to ganti my puasa because last year and last last last year there were seldom i ponteng puasa. only girl usually do that cause every one know about mr. moon story heh. okey lah i found 1 website that teach how to use slr..the web site were useful this website..right now im crazy about slr, i dunno why..i gonna buy flash but its cost me about 1.7k...i just hold for that next year...then i gonna buy telephoto type of lenses cost me around 2-3k...sound crazy rite..hahaha i got enough money but i cannot kuar all that cash to spend in 1 time..there were no excitement if u get all item that u need in 1 may got bored..percayalaa....itu laa banyak ladies ask me why u spend lot of money to this kind of thing and where u get the money, u got moto, laptop, slr in one answer senang ja.."itu laa dulu xnak kat aku" enjoying being single and i don't i have to worry to spend my money to the item that i desire...10k i can get married with that amound...

i don't want to show off my stuff and proud at it..i dun want ppl say me rich, menbazir and ress..i invest all this things cause someday onward i know i cant be like this...i have to works, i have to pay my house, car, feed my anak-anak, maintenance my beautiful wife...yeah..its difficult to be a men cause u must thinks the future...that all for today kbai

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++ zatuL naNi ++ said...

amboi.. ramai anak nampak..
hehee.. nice lor!
keep on writing!.. komen skit.. ;)