Tuesday, August 19, 2008


as cloudy as my feeling

i took this picture from my apartment this morning... im emo today..i very angry with myself because i break my promise to my mother..i promise that i gonna visit my nenek at kedah as soon my mid term holiday started..sadly to say all ticket for bus already sold out but for bas ulat got la..i don't wan to take risk and my last option is to ride train but i cant afford its..the ticket that available is for cabin cost about rm60++..i dunno baa this holiday kena with school holiday so i don't book early..stupid me

owh ya i gonna post some picture about domino's pizza that i visit 2-3 week before..yeah i know i supposedly to post in my food blog but that blog just for gimic only..i do that blog cause to show to my lecturer that proof me that i can blogging..cewah.. will reset back that blog and make more appropriate one.here we go..

Sg Long domino's pizza near to UNITAR

in front of domino's

domino's counter

the menu's

a bottle of coke n empty box of domino's pizza that we sapu nyam nyaammm

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