Friday, August 22, 2008

windmill restaurant

i have done my makan-makan at windmill restaurant bandar baru klang this evening. Windmill restaurant is originally from Malaysia that offer western food. refer to the manager the restaurant concept were fine dining and specialize in steak..but my point of view to this restaurant its more to casual family restaurant that offered variety of steak and seafood product beside alcoholic beverages..dont worry it was halal restaurant.. to survive the manager decide to add some local influence beside western to the and friend order few item to fulfill our stomach..the price were affordable...

windmill menu

carrot juice for extra beta carotene...good for pervert eye

seafood potato skin were the best

i order "garlic steak parisienne "that was its call... erm the meat was juicy and the sauce was not that bad..forget about the french fries...

i enjoying my pray

group hug eh salah group pic with manager

owh my camera skill were sux sory for that...that all for tonite kbai

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=Waniduckie= said...

Eh adakan chatbox la. :P Btw...yay gambar!! Hahahaha!