Wednesday, August 20, 2008

yey yey raya kat lawas

allamdullilah syukur thanks to Allah S.W.T and my beloved Abah because let me raya at lawas which mean i goonna balik miri n then forward to lawas later...i think 2 years i skip raya with them if i not mistaken... i miss lawas a lots lama already not been there...owh ya my flight was on 25 sept and go back to kl on 7 oct...official UNI break for raya started on 27 sept until 5 oct...hoho that mean i hav to skip few class before raya and after raya hopefully lecturer will understand. i feel deglacted if i ponteng kelas i dunno why... what the holly cow shiwawa skip that things later but now i would like to celebrate my joy hip hip hooraayyyy weehheeeeeeeeeeeee

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