Saturday, February 14, 2009

kasman day!!

he was my friend since form 1..after ten of friendship baru i manage to celebrate his birthday..yey...
thanks to his sister n abang ipar because cia us (me and zepah) makan at the curve...thx a lot..hehe

i had no comment for today because the day had been pay off by smile and cheers..

i just an ordinary guys who hunt an angel to be part of my life..i just wan to find someone that when my first blink in the morning she is the first i saw and she is the last i kiss before i sleep...every time i solat i always pray to dear god to hardening my heart..i got such a weakling heart..i dunno what to do beside to pray...i dunno how long can i be in this rate...

amazingly i only thinks this matter after i go out for outing...i will be okay after a nap..its true...yalaa when outing there were a lots of people surrounding me but after going back to my room i felt so lonely..

i like to have people near around me..but not the tabligh sory for saying that..they were okey but in curtain thing i cannot tahan..its good to reminding me to solat im okey with that..i don't like the way them tarik me to join them

im okey to spend 2-3 hours to hear ceramah but to sleep(with them for the sake of tabligh movement) there n doing the ziarah its not me...i wan to sleep at my fren room pun i think many time...n i dont like the way they ajak me....if u a me i will understand..

they always wan to enter my room without knocking n for no reason..n i dunno why they wan to enter my room..i always lock my room when im inside my room..i feel uncomfortable to let my door unlock coz i cannot tahan the heat n i always half naked..i respect them but they have to respect me also..betul baa

ermm enuff for tabligh for a have to continue on..kan kan kan

right now listening to yuna-cinta sempurna, dan sebenarnya, n deep conversation..awesome song..ilike her voice macam buluh perindu..hehehe

klah i tired..i got lot of keja skolah waiting me...KEJA SKOLAH I COMINGGG zzzZZZZZZZ

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